ஆலமரத்தடி ஆசானின் அருள்வாக்கு – Dakshinamurthy Stothram

As I wrote last week, I have commenced my journey in understanding myself. Nothing works without a prayer and I am a strong believer in that life style. So, I will start with a prayer on who else except the one and only Lord Arunachala at Thiruvannamalai who through Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi kindled the enquiry “WHO AM I?” in millions of people in the Universe, me being the latest ignorant one , the “jada jana”. This will be a composition by Sri Muthuswamy Dikshithar. The blog will appear under Carnatic Musing in the Menu on 9th April 2021

An introduction to Dakshinamurthy will be presented in the blog that follows on 16th April. I am deeply obliged to Mr. Sreenivasa Rao for kindly permitting me to use his blogs where he has covered the subject in it’s entirety

This will be followed by a blog on the Dhyana Slokas (துதிப்பாடல்கள்) that will be published on 24th April 2021 coinciding with the Divine Wedding of Goddess Meenakshi with Lord Sundareshwarar at the Meenakshi Temple at Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

After that I plan to take time for each of the Slokas as I am a learner. These blogs will be longer than usual, as these will include apart from the translation in Tamil, excerpts from the various commentaries that I tried to read for my understanding. The first Sloka is planned in the month of May

For kind information

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