August – My favorite Month

Ram Mandir Bhumi Puja, Gokulashtami, Ganesh Chathurthi

August is an important month for me. It is in this month, nearly four decades ago, I had my own place to dwell.

This August 2020, there is going to be “Bhumi Puja” for construction of a temple Ram Mandir at the holy birth place of Ayodhya on August 5th.

There are two important birthdays also to celebrate – birthdays of Lord Krishna and Lord Ganesh. As an ordinary mortal I am incapable of establishing the year they were born; but I do understand the significance of their birth through what was told to me by elders and through the texts and krithis (compositions).

I understand that this year the Krishna Janmashtami (Gokulashtami as we call in the South) is on 11th August & Ganesh Chathurthi (Pillayaar Pujai as called in Tamil) is on Aug 22. To celebrate these three events, I decided to do something different from the normal routine of eating plenty of sweets and savory in the name of God.

For the Bhumi Puja of Ram Mandir, I will attempt to translate the epic Bhajan of Saint Tulsidas “Sri Ramachandra Kripalu Bhaja Mana“. This blog is scheduled on August 5th at 0400 Hrs (IST).

For Gokulashtami, starting from tomorrow (Aug 2) till Aug 18, the focus will be on only one event in the life of Krishna – His epic dance as a young boy on the hoods of the five headed Kalinga. I will participate in this Kalinga Narthana (Kaliya Mardhan/Daman) by trying to understand the event from three different perspectives and my understanding will be presented as blogs, presented on a near daily basis.

For Ganesh. Chathurthi , I will be doing what I have been doing ever since “Akshara abhyaasam or Vidyaarambham” (initiation of education) – pray Ganesha and recite “Shuklam Bharatharam” and other Ganesh prayers that I recite daily. The only difference is that I will be understanding what I have been reciting for years (without really knowing the meaning, I must admit). I will try to express these prayers in my mother tongue Tamil. I will also try to understand a few krithis on Ganesha too. This study will be presented as daily as blogs from 21st August for 11 days.

You will, thus have literally a blog a day for the month of August. Hope this doesn’t keep you away 😊😊.