Post retirement I decided to switch gears in life from the speed of a jet propelled fighter aircraft to the speed of the chariot shown above ! The first thing that came to my mind was “OMG! That requires a huge amount of devotion to “time wasting” and an enormous reduction of “useful knowledge/intelligence” which otherwise could have been shared to the new and young professionals.

That set me thinking. After all “the austerity of silence is the only way in which we can bring out the inadequacy of our halting descriptions and imperfect standards”. Contradictory predicates like “I know – yet I don’t know, it is far away – yet it is nearer” etc kept flowing out of my mind. Inadequacies in oneself then leads to crisis of contrition, the result of which is the road for future action.

True to the contradictions, I decided then to go back to the roots and go forward to explore primarily with the objective of making up the inadequacies that I mentioned earlier. The result is the two main menus in this blog site viz. Spirituality (go back to the roots) and Travel (go forward to explore) .

Added after 1 year: In my “blogging journey” so far, the focus is on Spirituality and Travel. In this journey there is one vital companion of mine, about whom I did not write anything and I just took “him/her” for granted. I always assumed that this companion can’t be separated from me and will always be with me in my soul satisfying pursuit as an integral part of myself. But having gone through the spiritual hymns that defined “I” in my previous blogs, it is quite natural for me to detach this integral companion and look at him/her a bit closely. The result of this detached look is this Category of my blog – CARNATIC MUSINGS added subsequently.

I trust that my attempts as the musings of a mind seeker will help me to understand myself a little bit better.

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Happy reading. God Bless