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Nearly four decades of learning in Aerospace Engineering and Management left me “re-tired” and I was looking for a place to land and return back to my sweet home. After all, I had all but forgotten about my home and made “Aero” as my home all these 40 years. So mid 2013, I was indeed back at my original home and soon started realizing that there is life and a lot to learn outside the “Vymanika Sastra”.

“Isa vasyam idham Sarvam” says the Upanishad. I wanted to understand “idham sarvam” first before I ventured into “Isa”. That took me to 20 feet below the waters in the Indian Ocean in Andaman Islands and the Red Sea in Egypt (without knowing swimming), made me paraglide from an 800 feet high mountain peak in Sikkim, live in an isolated hut in a dense tea garden in Kerala, take the 17 mile drive along the pacific coast in California, spend a day at -28 deg C at the Alps and Ladakh etc. Learning of a different kind between 60-65.

With the “idham sarvam” not giving me any “more happiness” my attention post 65 has turned towards “Isa”. This journey is completely different; static yet moving at frenetic pace, on the surface yet diving deep in darkness, on the ground yet making interplanetary flights….. the list goes on. The biggest advantage for me is my ignorance. I start with a clean and blank slate in every direction that I ponder. I am now a excited child looking at goodies everywhere I see, everything I read, everyone I meet and in every one of my transactions with “idham sarvam”.

As a child I had the habit of writing down whatever I have understood in the classroom even if it comes to repeating what is already in the text book. Old habits die hard. The result is this blog “Prabhu’s Ponder” where I pen down my learnings.

The blogs focusses on Spirituality, Music and Travel diary through photographs covering “Isa” and “Idham Sarvam”.

Please help me in enhancing my learning through your words of encouragement and constructive criticism.

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