Prabhu’s Ponder is now in Amazon

Yes. Prabhu’s Ponder is now in Amazon Stores across the world as Paperbacks/eBooks.

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Note: The eBook “Under the Banyan Tree” is priced at Rs 101 in India. The eBooks are free for Kindle Unlimited customers as per Amazon.

Any royalties that will accrue as result of sale of these books will go completely towards charity (towards education of poor and needy children) and there is absolutely no commercial interest for me in this.

After two years of “Blogging”, based on the inputs received, I have now ventured into consolidating my musings into Books that will be both in paperback and electronic formats.

As of now three books have been released. For the Indian viewers, these books are available as eBooks in Kindle. For the Overseas friends, these are available as Paperbacks and eBooks.

I wanted the books to be free for everyone as what is written is only my understanding of what our Saints and Seers have written/told. But Amazon prescribes a minimum selling price perhaps to cover their portion of work. Hence the prices are kept at the minimum levels.

These books are comprehensive guides for understanding Adi Sankaracharya’s works on Subramanya Bhujangam and Dakshinamurthy Sthothram. These are in English which includes Sanskrit Verses, transliterations and translations in English and Tamil, word by word meaning, understanding of the Sloka and the Vedantic concepts with commentaries in English with Tamil references and notes.

May I seek your encouragement and support