Under the Banyan Tree in Amazon

My first set of books titled

“Under the Banyan Tree” (ASIN: B096SNFXJC)

A comprehensive guide for understanding Adi Sankaracharya’s Dakshinamurthy Sthothram in English which includes Sanskrit Verses, transliterations and translations in English and Tamil, word by word meaning, understanding of the Sloka and the Vedantic (philosophical) concepts

“ஆலமரத்தடி ஆசானின் அருள் வாக்கு” in Tamil (ASIN: B0966NZC8X)

( A condensed version containing the Sanskrit Verse, Meaning in English and Tamil).

have just been released in Amazon.

The product details are given in the Snapshots attached (taken from Amazon’s Indian Market place; the same is available at Amazon’s other market places across the globe in US, UK, Australia etc).

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