Tiger Trail at the Kanha National Park

At the Central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh, at around 180 Kms from Jabalpur, is the Kanha National Park. Divided into four core zones and associated buffer zones, Kanha Park spreads over nearly 2000 Sq. Kms and is home to 100 plus Royal Bengal Tigers and an amazing array of wild life and vegetation. Tiger Safari is an organized attempt to get into the natural habitat of these animals and sight them. In November 2019, we did the expedition to two of the core zones (There are four) looking for the majestic animal.

Armed with a iPhone X, I did my best to capture the wonderful Park and will be sharing the videos through YouTube. There are three videos covering our three expeditions. Watch out for the videos in my YouTube channel prabhu53 by subscribing to them. Part 1 of the video will be uploaded on 27th November 2019 and the rest two videos will follow after a week each.

In the mean time try and guess the photo captured by me in the park. Post your guesses. Thanks

Bedhaghat where the marble rocks

Continuing my coverage of our visit to Jabalpur, here is the video on Bedhaghat at Jabalpur, Madhyapradesh, India. It was an hour ride on a boat propelled by two young guys, the lead being Mr. Shivam. What surprises me was the innovative fluency with which the “formally uneducated” Mr. Shivam, explained the whole beauty of the river and the rocks. I was compelled to introspect. . IF only these guys had a bit of formal education and orientation, they could beat any qualified MBAs in marketing and Customer Service. You could also hear my “Madarasi Hindi (South Indian Accent)” in establishing a rapport. Enjoy both.

Namami Devi Narmadhe

“The Narmada rises at an elevation of about 3,500 feet (1,080 metres) in the Maikala Range in eastern Madhya Pradesh state on the border with Chhattisgarh state. It first follows a tortuous course through the hills near Mandla and then turns northwest to pass the city of Jabalpur. There it turns southwest and then enters the structural trough between the Vindhya and Satpura ranges at Marble Rocks Gorge. Turning more westward, the river continues across Madhya Pradesh until it passes into Gujarat state. The Narmada enters the Gulf of Khambhat through an estuary 13 miles (21 km) wide, just below Bharuch.

Draining the northern slopes of the Satpura Rangealong its 800-mile (1,300-km) course, it flows through the Hoshangabad plains, the Dhar upland, the Mahishmati plains, and the gorges at Mandhataand Murakta. The river has numerous waterfalls, notably the Dhuandhar Falls, southwest of Jabalpur. Its tributaries occasionally cause floods in the valley between the ranges”.