Amrutha Sharavathi


September first week this year when the Linganamakki Dam water was released & the copious rains in the area saw a fiery Sharavathi. There has been several videos in the social media covering that. However during mid October (16-18) we had the opportunity to visit Jog Falls this year. Here is a glimpse of Sharavathi River at its silky best. No wonder the flow combined with melodious background music from Dr KJ Yesudas aptly fits the Raga Malaya Marutham


Keladi Rameshwara Temple

Anyone visiting Jog Falls in Karnataka as a tourist and has an interest in architecture and history invariably lands up in Keladi, approximately 35 Kms from the Falls. While the foot falls in Keladi may not be as large as Hampi, the village presents an unique combination of Hoysala, Vijayanagara & Dravidian styles of architecture in the form of Sri Rameshwara Temple built in the 16th Century.

As you drive through the narrow streets of the village and approach the site, one can see a normal building structure with a large garden in front and a typical unused deep well. But once you step into the temple compound, your eyes open out and you say “wow”. Then you start exploring ; you will not come back disappointed.

Here is my iPhone X doing all the work allowing me to enjoy my visit there.

Music Courtesy: MALLADI Brothers in Rag Hamir Kalyani.