The Prayer

Before I commence my work, here are the two snap shots of myself scuba diving in the Indian Ocean at Andaman Islands and the Red Sea near the Egyptian City of Sharm-El-Sheikh.

You must be wondering as to what on earth my Scuba Diving has to do with Sivananda Lahari. Surprised ! There is definitely a link. Let me tell you.

I have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about swimming. I don’t know swimming at all and am uncomfortable even if I have an inch of water above my head. Yet I did Scuba Diving ! Not providence. Then what ? Here are the key elements of my venture:

1. I made up my mind to dive, knowing fully well that I don’t know swimming.

2.The emergencies & the risks associated with the dive were explained to me prior to the dive & yet I decided to plunge.

3. The instructor in both cases were twenty odd year young guys whom I have never met before or even heard about them.

4. Why did I do that? Well at that point of time it was just the thrill of venture; in hindsight it is my absolute faith in that youngster and my belief that he will correct mistakes that I may commit & my confidence that the associated equipment will work without failure during my dive.

5. Once I plunged into the Ocean/Sea, it was a total Bliss! What a sight, what a manifestation and what experience that I got ! Wow.

Well, you got the link between my scuba diving & Sivananda Lahiri !

Without knowing the language, without an idea of spirituality and religion, here I am diving into the nectar of Bliss holding the hand of an unknowable long haired, hunter & a dramatist called Adi Yogi on whom I have absolute faith that he will take me to the world of delight and supreme happiness, knowing fully well that He will do bear all my mistakes and guide me just like the young kids did for me in my earlier dives.

Here is my prayer to Him to bear with me and take me through this journey.

करचरण कृतं वाक्कायजं कर्मजं वा ।

श्रवणनयनजं वा मानसं वापराधं ।

विहितमविहितं वा सर्वमेतत्क्षमस्व ।

जय जय करुणाब्धे श्रीमहादेव शम्भो ॥

கைகால் புரி தவறும், 

நா காயம்  விழை வினையும்,

செவிவிழி மனம் வழி தவறும்,

வரையறு அற்று, ஆற்றுப் பணியும்

மன்னித்து ஏற்றருள்வாய் 

கருணைக்கடலாம் இறையே

I will be updating this blog every Friday. Pl keep a watch. Thanks

Author: prabhusponder

A novice venturing out to explore the meaning of life

2 thoughts on “The Prayer”

  1. கடலாழ்ந்த அனுபவம்,சிவ,ஆனந்த வெள்ளம்..ஒப்புமை.வெகு அருமை.. விசைப்படகுகளைத்தவிர்த்து பாய்மரக்கப்பலில். ஆனந்த வெள்ளத்தில் .பயணி க்கவும்.சிறு துளிகள் கரை ஓரத்தில் நிற்கும்.எங்கள்மீதும் தெறிக்கும் நன்றிபல

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