Golu – The festive display of Dolls

Golu is the festive display of dolls. It is organised in houses in South India during the autumn festive season of Navarathri /Dusssehra/Dasara.. Typically the dolls are made out of clay. Dolls are arranged in specific sequences on odd number of steps in a staircase style arrangement to depict the process and interplay of the three types of energies (Iccha Shakti – the energy of will or desire, Jnana Shakti – the energy of knowledge, Kriya Shakti – the energy of action) that are continually cycling within us. The steps progressively take us through the stages of our evolution in our spiritual progress as a human being. At the base step, dolls depicting routine mundane activities can be seen. Progressively as we climb the stairs, we can see the dolls conveying our graduation in our consciousness level. The dolls focus on various gods, their actions, themes representing the historical events around the gods and the meaning they convey for leading our lives. The apex level step will have the ultimate integration of our consciousness (Shiva) with the energy (shakti) at the top most (apex) step.

Here is the Golu at our home in the eastern part of the USA.

If you are interested to know details of Navarathri celebrations, please refer https://prabhusponder.com/2020/10/16/navarathri-a-nine-night-integration-process/

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