Niagara the Amrutha Varshini

During my recent visit in June 2019, I wanted to look at the place differently from a conventional first time tourist. I was looking for an integration of one’ roots, culture and spirituality in that place.

No, I was not looking for Indians and Indian Food there. Something else other than the conventional look outs.

The single most attracting factor of Niagara is what I was looking for in my search for my identity & there it was in plenty in different moods, modes and expressions – WATER. Eureka !

After all Water which is one of the “Pancha Boothas” (Five elements of Nature) can not differentiate human beings based on color, creed, region and religion. Water expresses itself so eloquently that I wasted no time in using my iPhone trying to catch/understand what Water was trying to convey.

Back in Pittsburgh, sitting at home on one of those thunderstorm days, integrating my small video clips, I ventured into this video titling it as Amrutha Varshini, the Carnatic Music Raga related to Rains.


Music Courtesy – Veena Maestro R. Krishnamurthy



The meaning of this famous song is given below

Oh ShivE! Bhavaani! You charm the nectar like bliss. You cause the rain and you are worshipped by Shiva and others.

You protect Vishnu and others and you are the mother of prosperous Guruguha. You are of the form of knowledge and dwell in the heart of those steeped in bliss. You are the compassionate one. I meditate on you always to shower heavy rain at once. Please send rain more and more abundantly”


This video doesn’t exist

Thank you for your Blessings

On March 14th I commenced my small journey. Over these last 100 odd days, every Friday I made a Pit stop to coney to you my status and my GPS Coordinates; GPS ? Yes.

G – how Gullible I am in being taken for a ride by my Mind in this world of desires.

P- how Poor I am in my knowledge about myself and my relationship with my “Self”.

S – how Sorry I am about my inadequacy to express the above due to my huge limitations in understanding Sanskrit & expressing in Tamil

At the end of these 100 verses, the efforts I made myopically covered the fact that I am back at where I was in my journey and need to start again my journey.

I will definitely start again my spiritual journey till I realise I have commenced my journey.

In the mean time, I am overwhelmed by the positive encouragement given to me by everyone. The first 21 blogs had over 400 visitors and 810 views. I consider these as my Blessings and will seek your best wishes for my journey.

God Bless