Early Morning Aerodynamics

After nearly 4 decades in Aeronautical Industry, I decided to keep away from the Industry and focus on my other interests such as Travel, Languages, Spirituality and Photography. I could manage to stay focused for nearly 6 years now. Last week during my early morning walk I could hear giggles/noises stating that I can’t keep away from aerodynamics even after retirement. To my surprise the birds in my roof top spoke to me. Here is their version of lift, drag, take off, vertical take off, cruise etc

Early Morning Aerodynamics


Aditya Udayam

It is a nice coincidence that I am writing two blogs in the same week on the same subject viz. Sun (Aditya). One is Aditya Hridayam (The heart of the Sun) in the Spiritual Category & the other Aditya Udayam (Sun Rise) in the Photography/Travel Category.

In one of my earlier blogs (Springing Eastern Sun – PANY 2019 on 01 Aug 2019) I had posted photographs of Sun during my visit to Pennsylvania and Newyork. After my return to my base, I have been continuing my reverence for the Sun and never failed to capture its graceful rise to dispel the darkness in us.

Here is a fascinating video taken from my apartment roof top recently. Look at the impact that the Sun brings out in the form of dazzling colors, brightness, clarity and the ambience. The serenity is aided by the background music in the Rag Bowli (courtesy VK Raman, the eminent flautist).

iPhone X has an amazing camera which syncs with my reverence in its true spirit. Enjoy this video at

Keladi Rameshwara Temple

Anyone visiting Jog Falls in Karnataka as a tourist and has an interest in architecture and history invariably lands up in Keladi, approximately 35 Kms from the Falls. While the foot falls in Keladi may not be as large as Hampi, the village presents an unique combination of Hoysala, Vijayanagara & Dravidian styles of architecture in the form of Sri Rameshwara Temple built in the 16th Century.

As you drive through the narrow streets of the village and approach the site, one can see a normal building structure with a large garden in front and a typical unused deep well. But once you step into the temple compound, your eyes open out and you say “wow”. Then you start exploring ; you will not come back disappointed.

Here is my iPhone X doing all the work allowing me to enjoy my visit there.

Music Courtesy: MALLADI Brothers in Rag Hamir Kalyani.


Thottam (Garden)

Sitting quietly on a thunderstorm day, 13,634 Kilometres away from home I was getting ready to commence my return journey after a stay of more than 1500 hours. Taking stock of the way in which the time was spent, I was compelled to think about the satisfying time that was spent in the Little Thottam (Garden) at the back yard of the house.

Blessed with copious supply of water, well manicured lawns, fertile soil, abundant earthworms, the yard was all set and craving for a gardener – an ideal job for post retirement personnel like me. Needless to say that I grabbed the opportunity. The result is here as Thottam

This video doesn’t exist

Springing Eastern Sun – PANY 2019

Ever since I started my early morning walk in India several years ago, I have been an ardent devotee/follower of an important element of Nature – Fire represented by the Sun (Aditya or Soorya as we call it). Reciting the famous Sanskrit Verses (Aditya Hrudayam) and taking photos of the Sun using my iPhone is my near daily routine.

Here is an important verse from the Sloka.

आदित्यहृदयं पुण्यं सर्वशत्रुविनाशनम् ।

जयावहं जपेन्नित्यमक्षय्यं परमं शिवम् ॥४॥

Aaditya-Hrdayam Punnyam Sarva-Shatru-Vinaashanam |

Jaya-[A]avaham Japen-Nityam-Akssayyam Paramam Shivam ||4||

Aditya – Sun

Hridayam – heart

PuNyam – sacred

Sarva – all

Shatru – enemies

Vinashanam – destruction

jaya = victory

Avaham = giving, bestowing, producing, bringing forth

japa: = chanting prayers [japet = should chant/recite]

nityam = daily/forever/always

akshayyam = eternal

paramam = highest, greatest [superlative]

shivam = prosperity, well-being, happiness, blessed

Over the years that we have been traveling to the USA, this is the first time that we have visited during the Spring/Summer. Needless to say that this was a “Sun” given opportunity to interact with Him and listen to His language of expression. During my travel across in Pennsylvania and Newyork States this Spring, He was kind enough to provide me ample opportunities for interactions.

Springing Eastern Sun (PANY 2019 – depicting photos from PA & NY) is the gist of my interactions with Sun.

I deem it as His Blessings.

Music Courtesy: Flute by the Carnatic Legend Dr N. Ramani in Raga Sivaranjani.

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Niagara the Amrutha Varshini

During my recent visit in June 2019, I wanted to look at the place differently from a conventional first time tourist. I was looking for an integration of one’ roots, culture and spirituality in that place.

No, I was not looking for Indians and Indian Food there. Something else other than the conventional look outs.

The single most attracting factor of Niagara is what I was looking for in my search for my identity & there it was in plenty in different moods, modes and expressions – WATER. Eureka !

After all Water which is one of the “Pancha Boothas” (Five elements of Nature) can not differentiate human beings based on color, creed, region and religion. Water expresses itself so eloquently that I wasted no time in using my iPhone trying to catch/understand what Water was trying to convey.

Back in Pittsburgh, sitting at home on one of those thunderstorm days, integrating my small video clips, I ventured into this video titling it as Amrutha Varshini, the Carnatic Music Raga related to Rains.


Music Courtesy – Veena Maestro R. Krishnamurthy



The meaning of this famous song is given below

Oh ShivE! Bhavaani! You charm the nectar like bliss. You cause the rain and you are worshipped by Shiva and others.

You protect Vishnu and others and you are the mother of prosperous Guruguha. You are of the form of knowledge and dwell in the heart of those steeped in bliss. You are the compassionate one. I meditate on you always to shower heavy rain at once. Please send rain more and more abundantly”


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Thank you for your Blessings

On March 14th I commenced my small journey. Over these last 100 odd days, every Friday I made a Pit stop to coney to you my status and my GPS Coordinates; GPS ? Yes.

G – how Gullible I am in being taken for a ride by my Mind in this world of desires.

P- how Poor I am in my knowledge about myself and my relationship with my “Self”.

S – how Sorry I am about my inadequacy to express the above due to my huge limitations in understanding Sanskrit & expressing in Tamil

At the end of these 100 verses, the efforts I made myopically covered the fact that I am back at where I was in my journey and need to start again my journey.

I will definitely start again my spiritual journey till I realise I have commenced my journey.

In the mean time, I am overwhelmed by the positive encouragement given to me by everyone. The first 21 blogs had over 400 visitors and 810 views. I consider these as my Blessings and will seek your best wishes for my journey.

God Bless