ஆலமரத்தடி ஆசானின் அருள்வாக்கு – Dakshinamurthy Stothram

As I wrote last week, I have commenced my journey in understanding myself. Nothing works without a prayer and I am a strong believer in that life style. So, I will start with a prayer on who else except the one and only Lord Arunachala at Thiruvannamalai who through Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi kindled the enquiry… Continue reading ஆலமரத்தடி ஆசானின் அருள்வாக்கு – Dakshinamurthy Stothram

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Infinity – முழுமை – पूर्णम्

In Tamil, we use the word கடவுள் (kadavul) to indicate God. நம்மைக் கடந்தும் (kada) நமக்கு உள் (ul) இருப்பதுவே கடவுள் (Meaning that the one which is away from us and yet inside us is God). A very simple word with very deep meaning. One can keep contemplating on this word alone. Deeper introspection will drive us… Continue reading Infinity – முழுமை – पूर्णम्