The Dance of the Yuga – Part 3 – Naatyam

The third dimension – நாடகம் – Play – Understanding the dance through visual medium by enacting

In the first part of the “Dance of the Yuga”, I tried to understand Purandara Dasa’s description and Daskam 55 of Narayaneeyam. In the second part, I tried to get the grasp of Oothukadu Venkata Kavi’s description of the dance by listening to two generations of artists.

Seeing is believing, they say. In this part, we will watch three dance events. Dance is the third dimension and eyes are the medium through which we understand and absorb the event

Dr. Padma Subramanyam is a living legend in the South Indian Form of Dance called Bharath Natyam. We will link with her depiction of the event as described by Bhattathri in Narayaneeyam.

Team led by Bhairavi Venkatesan of Sridevi Nrithalaya presents the dance as composed by Oothukadu Venkata Kavi.

The third one is by the youngsters Janaki & Kalyani for the Purandara Dasa Krithi at Guruvayur where Narayaneeyam was written.

These three dances are available in the social media. We will link up with them.

Video 1 – Depiction of Narayaneeyam

Video 2 – Depiction of Oothukadu Venkata Kavi’s Composition by Sridevi Nrithyalaya

Video 3 – Depiction of Purandara Dasa’s Adidanao Ranga

Happy viewing. Tomorrow I will conclude the Dance of the Yuga with a prayer to Lord GuruvAyurappan. Please look out for the blog and visit again. Thanks