Delightful News for the Foodies

A year ago, I had posted about a blog site “v8well” that deals with making healthy vegetarian food compelling enough that people want to eat it.

“We ate well” family has grown in the last one year.

Here is the latest update

Enjoy healthy food. Happy eating.

We ate well Veggies

Today is the first day of the New Year for Tamils who follow the solar calendar. Festival means plenty of food to eat and enjoy apart from prayers and rituals. Vegetarians in India have no issues. What about our clans in the Western World ?

Veggies face the culinary trilemma of being vegetarian, trying to eat healthy and being a foodie.

Some common modern-day myths

  1. Being a vegetarian makes you healthy. Yes, we are practically immortal at this point!
  2. A vegetarian cannot be a foodie. Given we are limited to tofu and eggplant parmesan.
  3. A foodie by definition, cannot eat healthy. See above.

This Substack is an attempt to conquer the impossible trinity of vegetarianism. Please do visit for receipes.

This is a blog specifically created for the Veggies by my relative.

Veggie Options in NYC

For those trendy Veggies who are looking for options (other than the traditional exclusive Indian Restaurants) here is the link to the “look up”. The blog is of course from the “pre Covid-19” time and is based on the eating experience of a typical Manhattan based “Veggie Newyorker”.

Feel free to visit the blog and give us your feedback.