Spring in the Park

Pandemic may come and hopefully go; but there is no doubt that if it is early April, you will see the Central Park at the Newyork city springing up to life, providing happiness, cheer and hope.

Time to sign off from the USA for the year 2021.

Sankey Tank at Malleswaram, Bangalore is ready for me.

au revoir; abiento.

Central Park, NYC

Veggie Options in NYC

For those trendy Veggies who are looking for options (other than the traditional exclusive Indian Restaurants) here is the link to the “look up”. The blog is of course from the “pre Covid-19” time and is based on the eating experience of a typical Manhattan based “Veggie Newyorker”.


Feel free to visit the blog and give us your feedback.

Colorful Empire

30 March 2020

Mmmm. Oh no. Across the world we all are locked down thanks to “Corona”. From a tiny village in the remote corner of India to the the Commercial Capital of the World – New York City there is a near total shut down.

Quite often I have been asked by friends and relatives across the world “How are you spending your time in Newyork City when you are locked down at 150 feet above ground in a confined space of 1000 Sq.ft area? You are so used to be with many people in a busy area where vehicles buzz around, vendors move around, densely packed shops and establishments. Hope you haven’t become mad.”

I was wondering as to what should be my response to these queries. Living in an apartment in one of those high rise property behind the Empire State Building, watching that impressive building is the only visual outside entertainment available during the lockdown. The Empire also reflected the eerie emptiness by covering itself most of the days with clouds and didn’t want to dress up colourfully in the evenings.

Hardly any traffic around compared to the “pre lockdown”. What should I do? Time to ponder.

Peeping out of the window on one early morning, I did get the answer. There was a single light coming out of one of the adjacent property. Wow! There is after all light even in darkness if we look for it. I got it.

That prompted me to go back in my memory and bring out the Colorful Empire that I know. I pulled out all the photographs (some of them taken by my son) from my folder, listened to the bits of music that my 7 year old grandson attempted at the keyboard and here is the link to the “Colorful Empire”.

The moods of the “Empire”

Mid Feb to end Feb 2020 – The “Empire” at Manhattan was at its best displaying a wide variety of moods – bright, colourful, cloudy, invisible, towering. Watching it from the 17th floor from an apartment three blocks away, I was able to get a glimpse thanks to my iPhone. The background music by my 7 year old grandson on his keyboard adds to that splendour.