Hit the Bed & grab “The Comforter”

“OMG ! What a hectic day ! I need to relax !

This is how most of us feel as we hit the bed at night after a long working day.

There is a very nice way to relax immediately.

Play this song. Close your eyes. Look at no one else except yourselves and recollect the meaning of this verse.

Video Link

In this Verse, if you desire, substitute Mahadeva/Siva with the God of your choice. If you don’t believe in God, substitute it with whatever rationale your “SELF” wants. The core is to contemplate and own the responsibility for your actions or otherwise.

You, for sure will chill out immediately and off you sleep peacefully ! I do it everyday.

Remember- There are no rights and wrongs; there are only consequences and there is only one TRUTH. Crisis of Contrition in us is the path for progress.