Autumn Message 3 – The Root of Communication

The root of the word ‘Communication’ is from the two Latin words – ‘Communis and communicare’ meaning sharing in common and making something in common.

But “Roots” by themselves can communicate ! Wonder how! Look at these pictures

The hands(roots) that build trees have strong nerves
Is this a monstrous turtle or the toe of a Yeti?
Accommodation and adjustments are part of life.
Networking is key for growth.
Are we looking back at our neck/head interface?

Autumn Message 1 – From the Trees

“Who says that we trees have no aura ? Look at me – The Glow – Tejas (तेजस्). Isn’t it Divine? We thank our friend – Sun for this. However be aware that nothing comes free. Don’t worry. All the colors that we absorbed in the summer from Him, we will return it in the Autumn for you to enjoy. It is your turn then to,provide colors in the life of needy people in Winter. ” say the trees.

It is not just a divine glow; but a divine message. Isn’t it