Sri Subramanya Bhujangam

Recently I was going through a series of “challenges” in life. Quite naturally I was forced to think as to how on earth others manage when they face challenges in life.

As my focus prior to the “challenges” was Srimad Bhagwadpada Adi Sankaracharya, I was wondering as to what he would have done. The answer was there right for me in the origin of his yet another legendary flow of Bhakti in Sanskrit language this time on Lord Kartikeya, the son of Lord Siva – “Subramanya Bhujangam”

Tamil Scholars such as Sri. A.V.R. Krishnaswamy have already written in Tamil all the Verses. Yet as a novice I wanted to venture and seek the Blessings of Lord Subramanya.

I have started studying the Slokas and will post my blogs as and when I am confident of my work.

Here is the first verse in praise of Lord Ganesh.

Verse 1

सदा बालरूपाऽपि विघ्नाद्रिहन्त्री

महादन्तिवक्त्राऽपि पञ्चास्यमान्या ।

विधीन्द्रादिमृग्या गणेशाभिधा मे

विधत्तां श्रियं काऽपि कल्याणमूर्तिः ॥१॥

Sadaa Baala-Ruupa-Api Vighna-Adri-Hantrii

Mahaa-Danti-Vaktra-Api Pan.caasya-Maanyaa |

Vidhi-Indra-[A]adi-Mrgyaa Gannesha-Abhidhaa Me

Vidhattaam Shriyam Kaa-Api Kalyaanna-Muurtih

என்றும் பாலக உருவோனே, எனினும்

மாமலை இடர்தனை பொடி செய்வோனே

கப்பிய கரிமுக வேளோனே, உன்னை

முப்புரமெரி முதலோன் மதித்தானே

நான்முகன் இந்திரன் மதி கணேசனே – எனக்கு

மங்களம் நிறை வடிவுடன் காட்சி கொடுப்பாயே

Thottam (Garden)

Sitting quietly on a thunderstorm day, 13,634 Kilometres away from home I was getting ready to commence my return journey after a stay of more than 1500 hours. Taking stock of the way in which the time was spent, I was compelled to think about the satisfying time that was spent in the Little Thottam (Garden) at the back yard of the house.

Blessed with copious supply of water, well manicured lawns, fertile soil, abundant earthworms, the yard was all set and craving for a gardener – an ideal job for post retirement personnel like me. Needless to say that I grabbed the opportunity. The result is here as Thottam

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Springing Eastern Sun – PANY 2019

Ever since I started my early morning walk in India several years ago, I have been an ardent devotee/follower of an important element of Nature – Fire represented by the Sun (Aditya or Soorya as we call it). Reciting the famous Sanskrit Verses (Aditya Hrudayam) and taking photos of the Sun using my iPhone is my near daily routine.

Here is an important verse from the Sloka.

आदित्यहृदयं पुण्यं सर्वशत्रुविनाशनम् ।

जयावहं जपेन्नित्यमक्षय्यं परमं शिवम् ॥४॥

Aaditya-Hrdayam Punnyam Sarva-Shatru-Vinaashanam |

Jaya-[A]avaham Japen-Nityam-Akssayyam Paramam Shivam ||4||

Aditya – Sun

Hridayam – heart

PuNyam – sacred

Sarva – all

Shatru – enemies

Vinashanam – destruction

jaya = victory

Avaham = giving, bestowing, producing, bringing forth

japa: = chanting prayers [japet = should chant/recite]

nityam = daily/forever/always

akshayyam = eternal

paramam = highest, greatest [superlative]

shivam = prosperity, well-being, happiness, blessed

Over the years that we have been traveling to the USA, this is the first time that we have visited during the Spring/Summer. Needless to say that this was a “Sun” given opportunity to interact with Him and listen to His language of expression. During my travel across in Pennsylvania and Newyork States this Spring, He was kind enough to provide me ample opportunities for interactions.

Springing Eastern Sun (PANY 2019 – depicting photos from PA & NY) is the gist of my interactions with Sun.

I deem it as His Blessings.

Music Courtesy: Flute by the Carnatic Legend Dr N. Ramani in Raga Sivaranjani.

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