New York Tour Diary

This year’s visit abroad is primarily to the place which I call it as the “ Commercial Capital of the World” – New York. For the laid back guy like me and the one who focuses on the manifestation of Nature, this is going to be a challenge to keep looking at the concrete sky scrappers, the ever busy bunch of people, the fast and furious life style, the booming and zooming cars and relate them all to Nature. Well, here I am the novice attempting to do “Mission Impossible”. The first part is the flight into the JFK from New Delhi. Here is the link

Lord Ganesha

As I conclude Adi Sankara’s Pancha Rathnamala on Lord Ganesh, my memories went several decades back to my childhood days and the number of “Thoppukaranams” that I use to do before each exam in the schools. This is an age old practice prevalent for centuries in India, more particularly in South of India. Modern day Western World calls it “Super Brain Yoga” now and has converted this practice into a money making health exercise.

I also used to wonder about the number of alternate names that He has and the number of shapes and sizes that He manifests at different homes.

Even today as I google, I see 25.8 Million images of Lord Ganesha in a span of 0.67 seconds and there are a minimum of 108 alternate names for Him.

Here is one such simple image that I thought should be shared.

Ganesha Pancharathnamala – Verse 5



हृदन्तरे निरन्तरं वसन्तमेव योगिनां

तमेकदन्तमेव तं विचिन्तयामि सन्ततम् ॥५॥


Acintya-Ruupam-Anta-Hiinam-Antaraaya-Krntanam |

Hrd-Antare Nirantaram Vasantam-Eva Yoginaam

Tam-Eka-Dantam-Eva Tam Vicintayaami Santatam ||5||

Meaning of the Sanskrit Words

नितान्तकान्तदन्तकान्तिमन्तकान्तकात्मजं (Nitaanta-Kaanta-Danta-Kaantim-Antaka-Antaka-Aatmajam): Who is Very Dear to Devotees as Beautiful Ekadanta and Who is the Son of One Who Restrained Yama

नितान्त (Nitaanta) = Extraordinary, Excessive, Considerable, Very Much

कान्त (Kaanta) = Desired, Loved, Dear

दन्त (Danta) = signifying Ekadanta [another name of Sri Ganesha]

कान्ति (Kaanti) = Loveliness, Beauty, Splendour

अन्तक (Antaka) = Yama

अन्तक (Antaka) = Putting an End, Causing Death

आत्मज (Aatmaja) = Born from, a Son, self-originated

अचिन्त्यरूपमन्तहीनमन्तरायकृन्तनम् (Acintya-Ruupam-Antahiinam-Antaraaya-Krntanam): Whose Form is Inconceivable and without any Limit and which Cuts through the Obstacles [of Devotees]

अचिन्त्य (Acintya) = Inconceivable, Surpassing thought

रूप (Ruupa) = Form, Appearance

अन्त (Anta) = End, Limit, Boundary

हीन (Hiina) = Left, Abandoned, Bereft or Deprived of, Low, Vile

अन्तराय (Antaraaya) = Intervention, Obstacle

कृन्तन (Krntana) = Cutting of, Dividing

हृदन्तरे (Hrd-Antare): Within the Cave of the Heart

हृद् (Hrd) = Heart

अन्तर (Antara) = Interior of anything

निरन्तरं (Nirantaram): Having no Interval, Uninterrupted, Perpetual, Continually

वसन्तमेव (Vasantam-Eva): Abides in this manner

वस (Vasa) = Dwelling, Residence

एव (Eva) = Exactly so, in this Manner, Indeed, Truly

योगिनां (Yoginaam): Yogis

योगिन् (Yogin) = Yogi, Ascetic, contemplative Saint

तमेकदन्तमेव (Tam-Eka-Dantam-Eva): [I Reflect upon] Him, the Ekadanta

तम् (Tam) = His

एक (Eka) = One

दन्त (Danta) = an Elephant’s Tusk, Ivory

एव (Eva) = Exactly so, in this Manner, Indeed, Truly

विचिन्तयामि (Vicintayaami): I Reflect upon

विचिन्त् (Vicint) = to Think of, Reflect upon, to Perceive, Discern, Observe

सन्ततम् (Santatam): Stretch or Extended along, Woven together, Continuous, Uninterrupted

Meaning of the Verse

5.1: (Salutations to Sri Vinayaka) Whose Beautiful Form of Ekadanta is very much Dear to His Devotees, and Who is the Son of the One (referring to Lord Shiva) Who Put an End to (i.e. restrained) Antaka (i.e. Yama).

5.2: Whose essential Form is Inconceivable and without any Limit, and which Cuts through the Obstacles of His Devotees,

5.3: Who Continually Abides in the Cave of the Heart of the Yogis.

5.4: I Continually Reflect upon Him, the Ekadanta (another name of Sri Vinayaka).

Meaning in Tamil

ஒற்றைத்தந்த அழகுடனே அடியோரின் மன நிறையோனே

காலனவன் அடிபணியும் இறையோனின் முதற்புதல்வோனே

கருதுதற்கியலா வடிவுடனே எல்லையில்லா நிறைவோனே

அடியோரின் இடரதனை அடியோடு களைத்திடுவோனே

ஞானியரின் இதயச்சுரங்கமதில் நிலையாக உறைவோனே

ஒற்றைத்தந்த உருவமதை இடையின்றி நினைத்திடுவேனே