Punyavachanam – Sivananda Lahari Verse 36

It is the Vedic ritual of purification. “Punyavachanam puja is performed during occasions such as a birth, death, house warming etc. The significance and attributes of this puja varies depending on the particular occasion. The ritual invokes the God of water and celestial ocean, Varuna and offers prayer through 16 steps (Shodasa upachara), in a purnakumbha (Kalash). The main purpose of this type of Puja is two-fold. Primarily it is to uplift the five senses of the worshiper, and by doing so elevate him to a higher level of consciousness that will promote good thoughts and actions. Secondarily it draws upon the Indian traditions of honoring a guest, wherein each upachara is a service to the deity who takes presence in the sculpture for the duration of the Puja. This is followed by the recitation of Pavamana Mantra which is for purification from falsehood to truth, from darkness to light and from death to immortality. On completion of the puja, the water from the Kalash is sprinkled around the puja premises, thereby purifying it”.

Adi Sanakara has a very simple process for conducting Punyavachana. This does not involve anyone except the Self and avoids extensive protocols and procedures. This verse aptly describes the process. If only we could follow this in letter and spirit, the world will be completely different.


Verse 36

भक्तो भक्तिगुणावृते मुदमृतापूर्णे प्रसन्ने मनः

कुम्भे साम्ब तवाङ्घ्रिपल्लवयुगं संस्थाप्य संवित्फलम् ।

सत्वं मन्त्रमुदीरयन्निजशरीरागारशुद्धिं वहन्

पुण्याहं प्रकटीकरोमि रुचिरं कल्याणमापादयन् ॥ ३६॥

உள்ளமெனும் உறைவிடமதை தூய்மைசெய்து

மங்கள எண்ணம் மனதிலிட்டு மகிழும் பக்தனது

தெளிமனமெனும் குடமதனை பக்தியெனும் நூல் சுற்றி

சிவானந்தத்தேனதனை புனிதநீரென அதனில் நிரப்பி

உன் பொன்மலர்பாதமிரண்டும் மாவிலையென இருத்தி

மெய்ஞானமெனும் அறிவதனை தேங்காயென நிறுத்தி

உளதாந்தன்மை உணர்த்தும் ஐந்தெழுத்து மந்திரம் ஓதி

புண்ணியவசனமெனும் வழிவகையைப் புரிந்திட்டேன் உமைநாதா


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