Narayaneeyam – Dasakam 1 – Verse 1

Sanskrit Verse

सान्द्रानन्दावबोधात्मकमनुपमितं कालदेशावधिभ्यां
निर्मुक्तं नित्यमुक्तं निगमशतसहस्रेण निर्भास्यमानम्
अस्पष्टं दृष्टमात्रे पुनरुरुपुरुषार्थात्मकं ब्रह्म तत्वं
तत्तावद्भाति साक्षाद् गुरुपवनपुरे हन्त भाग्यं जनानाम्

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Meaning in Tamil

Meaning in English

The Supreme Reality-The Brahma Tatwa ,which is dense concentrated Bliss, which is of the nature of the Pure Consciousness, which is without parallel or comparison, and is totally free of time and space limitations, and is always free (of Maya) which hundreds and thousands of the Upanishadic statements seek to explain, and yet, is not clear. This Brahma Tatwa which is not easy to grasp in the beginning, but the realisation of which, is the highest purusharth (i.e. liberation), that (very Reality) shines right in front (in concrete form), (as an Image of Shri Krishna) in the Guruvaayur temple. Oh (wonderful indeed) is the good fortune of the people (who seek Thy Grace).

English Transliteration

SaandraanandaavabOdhaatmakamanupamitaM kaaladeshaavadhibhyaaM

nirmuktaM nityamuktaM nigamashatasahasreNa nirbhaasyamaanam .

aspaShTaM dR^iShTamaatre punarurupuruShaarthaatmakaM brahma tatvaM

tattaavadbhaati saakshaadgurupavanapure hanta bhaagyaM janaanaam .. १

Meaning of the Sanskrit Words

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सान्द्र-आनन्द-अवबोधात्मकं Which is of the nature of intense Bliss and Supreme Consciousness अनुपमितं without comparison काल-देश-अवधिभ्यां निर्मुक्तं totally free from the limitations of time and space नित्यमुक्तंever free (from the control of Maya-the unmanifest Prakriti) निगम-शतसहस्रेण (whose nature) innumerable scriptural texts निर्भास्यमानंtry to reveal अस्पष्टं (and yet) is not easy to grasp (in the beginning) दृष्टमात्रे पुन:but then immediately on realisation उरु-पुरुषार्थात्मकं becomes the highest purushartha (i.e. moksha, liberation) ब्रह्म तत्वं Brahman, the Reality तत् तावत् that very (Reality), then भाति साक्षात् गुरुपवनपुरे shines right in front (in concrete form) at Guruvayur हन्त भाग्यं जनानाम् Oh! What good fortune for the people

* நான் வாழ் இலக்கு என்பது அறம், பொருள், அவா, முக்தி எனும நான்கு இலக்குகளைக் குறிக்கும். It basically refers to the four objectives of life in his /her ascent to self realization. It is called “Purushaarthaa” .

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