Narayaneeyam – Dasakam 1 – Verse 2

Sanskrit Verse

एवंदुर्लभ्यवस्तुन्यपि सुलभतया हस्तलब्धे यदन्यत्
तन्वा वाचा धिया वा भजति बत जन: क्षुद्रतैव स्फुटेयम्
एते तावद्वयं तु स्थिरतरमनसा विश्वपीड़ापहत्यै
निश्शेषात्मानमेनं गुरुपवनपुराधीशमेवाश्रयाम:

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Meaning in Tamil

Meaning in English

In this manner, such rare things are so easily accessible to all. Alas, people, pursue other worldly things with their body speech and mind. This, is pitiable indeed. However, we Thy devotees, surrender , to Thee, O Lord of Guruvaayur who is the embodiment of the entire soul of all beings of the universe, with fully resolved minds for the eradication of all worldly sufferings.

English Transliteration

evaM durlabhyavastunyapi sulabhatayaa hastalabdhe yadanyat

tanvaa vaachaa dhiyaa vaa bhajati bata janaH kshudrataiva sphuTeyam .

ete taavadvayaM tu sthirataramanasaa vishvapiiDaapahatyai

nishsheShaatmaanamenaM gurupavanapuraadhiishamevaashrayaamaH .. 2

Meaning of the Sanskrit Words

एवं – thus. दुर्लभ्य-वस्तुनि अपिvery – rare things too (are). सुलभतया – so easily. हस्त-लब्धे – is accessible (to all) यत्-अन्यत्yet – other things (worldly pleasures). तन्वा वाचा धिया वा – (with their) body speech and mind. भजति बत जन: – alas people pursue क्षुद्रता-एव स्फुट-इयं -/this is clearly pitiable एते तावत्-वयं तु – but we here (Thy devotees) however स्थिर-तर-मनसा – with mind fully resolved विश्व-पीड़ा-अपहत्यै – for the total eradication of all (our) sufferings. निश्शेष-आत्मानम्-एनं – Lord, who is the soul of all beings in the universe. गुरुपवनपुराधीशम् – to that Lord of Guruvaayur. एव-आश्रयाम:- alone we surrender

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