Narayaneeyam – Dasakam 1 – Verse 3

Sanskrit Verse

सत्त्वं यत्तत् पराभ्यामपरिकलनतो निर्मलं तेन तावत्
भूतैर्भूतेन्द्रियैस्ते वपुरिति बहुश: श्रूयते व्यासवाक्यम्।
तत् स्वच्छ्त्वाद्यदाच्छादितपरसुखचिद्गर्भनिर्भासरूपं
तस्मिन् धन्या रमन्ते श्रुतिमतिमधुरे सुग्रहे विग्रहे ते

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Meaning in Tamil

Meaning in English

Sage Vyaasa have stated again and again in many scriptures that You are born from the form of Satva Guna. That Satva Guna, which compared to the other two Gunas (Rajas and Tamas) is absolutely pure and not tainted by them. That form is constituted of subtle elements and organs of senses and actions. Your form, because of such purity, totally reveals the Supreme Bliss and Consciousness within (which is the resplendent Brahman) without any obstruction. In that form, the fortunate ones (who have good deeds to their credit) revel. That form is delightful to the mind and ears, which the devotees can easily grasp in Your image.

English Transliteration

sattvaM yattat paraabhyaamaparikalanatO nirmalaM tena taavat

bhuutairbhuutendriyaiste vapuriti bahushaH shruuyate vyaasavaakyam .

tat svachChatvaadyadachChaadita parasukhachidgarbhanirbhaasaruupaM

tasmin dhanyaa ramante shrutimatimadhure sugrahe vigrahe te .. 3

Meaning of the Sanskrit Words

सत्त्वं यत्- तत् – that pure Satwa guna which पराभ्याम् – compared with the other two (Rajas and Tamas) अपरिकलनत: being not mixed (and so)निर्मलंabsolutely pureतेन तावत् भूतै: -from it (shuddha satva) was bornभूतेन्द्रियै: – ते वपु: -Thy form constituted of the subtle elements and organs of sense and actionइति बहुश: श्रूयते thus is repeatedly heardव्यासवाक्यंfrom the words of (sage) Vyasaतत् स्वच्छ्त्वात्-that (form) because of its purityयत्-आच्छादित-परसुखचित्-गर्भ-निर्भासरूपंwhich, because of unobstructed supreme bliss and consciousness within, is supremely resplendent (Brahman)तस्मिन् धन्या रमन्तेin that form the fortunate ones (who have good deeds to their credit) revelश्रुति-मति-मधुरे which is delightful to the ears and the mindसुग्रहे विग्रहे ते(devotees can) easily attain (grasp) in Thy image.

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