Narayaneeyam – Dasakam 3 – Introduction


The greatness of The Supreme Reality-The Brahma Tatwa is of the nature of the Pure Consciousness, is without parallel or comparison, is totally free of time and space limitations, and is always free of Maya. This was brought out in Daskam 1. That Brahma Tatwa which is not easy to grasp in the beginning, but the realisation of which, is the highest purusharth (i.e. liberation), that very Reality shines right in front in concrete form in the Guruvaayur temple as Lord Krishna. Through this first Daskam, the transcendent and immanent (Nirguna and Saguna) nature of the Brahman is brought out.

The reality of the Brahman is not a question to be solved by dialectic which the vast majority of the human race will be unable to understand. Dialectic in itself and without reference to personal experience cannot give us conviction. Only spiritual experiences can provide us with proof. Narayana Bhattathri has brought out his spiritual experience at the Guruvayur Temple for the benefit of ordinary humans like us. In Dasakam 2, the sweetness of the form and the devotion to that form was brought out clearly.

Now in Daskam 3, Bhattathri brings out his personal health issues and earnestly appeals to the Lord to help him. In that process he amplifies the various aspects of Bhakti and the significant gains that devotees acquire through Bhakti Marga.

We will commence our study of the Slokas. Each Sloka will be covered in a blog.

The first Sloka of Dasakam 3 will appear on the Vaikunta Ekadasi day of 13th January 2022.

The subsequent blogs will appear on every Ekadasi day at 0400 Hrs (IST) and will contain a link to the Chanting Audio .

Each blog will cover the Sloka, transliterations in English and Tamil and the meaning of the Sloka in English and Tamil.

An important message here: Except for the translation in Tamil which is an expression of my limited understanding of the Sloka, everything else is what is available in the public domain.