Narayaneeyam- Dasakam 4 – Sloka 10


We saw in the last blog, the two types of Mukti.

“Sadyomukti is the processless immediate experience of Brahman, spaceless and timeless, on account of one's habituation to the non-dual knowledge of the Self. It is given to a very few to realise Brahman in this way, for most of the aspirants cannot proceed with their meditations without some kind of objective content in their consciousness. The meditation and the control of the Prana reaches a pinnacle that only a very few Sadhakas can realise.

In Krama Mukti, the liberated souls think and work through the higher thought of the spiritual nature, not through the mind and sense-organs of the lower nature. They breathe the universal life and exist as partakers of the joy of the Master of the universe. They have the unceasing immediacy of the consciousness of everything, an awareness of the inmost objective essences of the complete universe. Their experiences are, no doubt, objective, they being not identical with the Absolute, but they can have an entire knowledge of the universe through self-identification with anything, at any time”. In other words, they get rid of the gross body and use subtle their subtle and causal bodies.

These states are achieved through the Ashtanga Yoga of meditation and control of Praana. This is outlined by Bhattathri in this Sloka 10.

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Sanskrit Verse

लिङ्गदेहमपि सन्त्यजन्नथो लीयते त्वयि परे निराग्रह: ।

ऊर्ध्वलोककुतुकी तु मूर्धत: सार्धमेव करणैर्निरीयते ॥१०॥

English Transliteration

lingadehamapi santyajannathO liiyate tvayi pare niraagrahaH |

uurdhvalOkakutukii tu muurdhataH saardhameva karaNairniriiyate || 10

Tamil Transliteration

லிங்க₃தே₃ஹமபி ஸந்த்யஜந்நதோ₂ லீயதே த்வயி பரே நிராக்₃ரஹ: |

ஊர்த்₄வலோககுதுகீ து மூர்த₄த: ஸார்த₄மேவ கரணைர்நிரீயதே || 10||

Meaning in Tamil

உம்பருலகம் வேண்டா யோகியர், பிராணமதை

புருவ இடைநிலையிறுத்தி, ஓரிறு உடல் விடுத்து,

உன்னுள்ளே கலந்திடுவர்! வின்னுலகம் வேண்டுவர்

சுழுமுனை வழிப் பிழந்து சென்றிடுவர் அவ்விடம்! 4.10

Meaning in English

One who is desireless of visiting the other heavenly worlds, gives up (through his Aagyaa chakra) his gross body as well as the subtle bodies and merges in Thee. The one who desires to visit the heavenly regions before attaining liberation, goes out through the orifice in the crown of the head ( the Brahmarandhra)

Meaning of the Sanskrit Words

लिङ्ग-देहम्-अपि - even the subtle body

सन्त्यजन्-अथ: - giving up, then

लीयते - merges

त्वयि परे - in Thee, the Supreme Brahman

निराग्रह: - the one who is desireless

ऊर्ध्व-लोक-कुतुकी तु - but the one who desires to go to higher spiritual worlds

मूर्धत: - through the orifice in the head ( Brahmarandhra)

सार्धम्-एव करणै: - along with the subtle body

निरीयते - goes out

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