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The Fairy “I” can’t fathom – She, the Big M

“It is an oft-quoted saying that philosophy begins in wonder. The mystery of the world with all its changes strikes the reflective temper. The Vedic philosophy grew out of a demand for the explanation of actual experience. Philosophy bade men seek beneath all change, which is the law of life, unity and persistency. All things… Continue reading The Fairy “I” can’t fathom – She, the Big M

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November Dedications

Kartigai Deepam In the Tamil calendar (Solar based) of Kartigai (around mid November - mid December), the full moon day is divinely important. Two important events - the arrival of Lord Katikeya (Subramanya/Arumugam) and the manifestation of Lord Siva as an endless flame of light (even Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma couldn’t find the start… Continue reading November Dedications

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Hanuman Chalisa – அனுமன் நாற்பது

Paritala Anjaneya, Vijayawada Starting from Tuesday the 8th September 2020 for the next 5 weeks , on every Tuesday I will try and upload the meaning and Tamil Translation for 8 verses each of the divine work by Saint Tulsidas on Lord Hanuman, Anjaneya as He is called. Hanuman Chalisa the devotional hymn has 40… Continue reading Hanuman Chalisa – அனுமன் நாற்பது