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Narayaneeyam – Dasakam 1 – Verse 5

Sanskrit Verse

निर्व्यापारोऽपि निष्कारणमज भजसे यत्क्रियामीक्षणाख्यां
तेनैवोदेति लीना प्रकृतिरसतिकल्पाऽपि कल्पादिकाले।
तस्या: संशुद्धमंशं कमपि तमतिरोधायकं सत्त्वरूपं
त्वं धृत्वा दधासि स्वमहिमविभवाकुण्ठ वैकुण्ठ रूपं॥५॥

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(Courtesy Shri. Sankararama Sharma – Ref

Meaning in Tamil

English Transliteration

Nir vyaapaarO (a)pi niShkaaraNam aja bhajase

yatkriyaam iikshaNa akhyaaM

tena ivO deti liinaa prakR^itir asati kalpa a(a)pi kalpaadi kaale .

tasyaaH samshuddhamam shaMkam api tam ati rOdhaayakaM satvaruupaM

sa tvaM dhR^itvaa dadhaasi sva mahima vibhava akuNTha vaikuNTha ruupam .. 5

Meaning in English

Oh Birthless Lord! Even though You are not bound by any activities, and You are without any motive, You do resort to that activity known as ‘eekshanaa’ – the will to create. Because of that only. Nature (‘Prakriti’) manifests itself. This Prakriti, is latent in You, as if non existent in the beginning of a new cycle of creation. Then, from the pure Saatvik portion of ‘Prakriti’ (Maya) (which does not in any way obstruct Your Brahmic effulgence), Oh Lord of Vaikunth, You manifest Yourself, in full glory, with a Divine form here in Guruvayur.

Meaning of the Sanskrit Words

निर्व्यापार: – अपि – jobless/free from any occupation, even (though not bound by any activities)

निष्कारणम् – without any reason/motive,

अज भजसे – unborn, choose (thou resort to),

यत्-क्रियाम्-ईक्षणा-आख्यां – that, action/performance/doing, sight/look/care for, inform/tell/make it known (that activity known as ‘eekshanaa’ (the will to create)

तेन-एव-उदेति लीना प्रकृति:-because of that, only, came to manifest, the latent, Nature or ‘Prakriti’

असति-कल्पा-अपि कल्पादि-काले -.असत् non existent/unreal, period, and, beginning of the period, timely/seasonable

(which abides in Thee) as if non existent in the beginning of a new cycle of creation

तस्या: संशुद्धम्-अंशं – that, purified of sin, part

of that (Prakriti) an absolutely pure part

कमपि तम्-अति रोधायकं सत्वरूपं – which does not stop/obstruct (Thy glory of) the Saatvic form

स त्वं धृत्वा दधासि -that Thou did take and assume

स्व-महिम-विभव-अकुण्ठ वैकुण्ठ रूपं – O Lord of Vaikuntha! a majestic form which does not obstruct Thy glories

…….majestic, omnipresence/rich/wealthy, eternal, vaikuntam, form

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