Narayaneeyam – Dasakam 1 – Verse 6

Sanskrit Verse

तत्ते प्रत्यग्रधाराधरललितकलायावलीकेलिकारं
लावण्यस्यैकसारं सुकृतिजनदृशां पूर्णपुण्यावतारम्।
सिञ्चत् सञ्चिन्तकानां वपुरनुकलये मारुतागारनाथ ॥६॥

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Meaning in Tamil

Meaning in English

Your form is like the beauty of the fresh rain bearing clouds, and of a beautiful bunch of blue lotuses. Your form is an embodiment of beauty, in the eyes of the people who have done meritorious deeds, and is a complete incarnation of all their good deeds. You are the abode where Goddess Laxmi delights without inhibition. You are the source of a torrential flow of nectarine Bliss, soaking the hearts of people who meditate. On that form of Yours I continuously meditate, O Lord of Guruvayur!

English Transliteration

Tatte pratyagradhaaraadhara lalita kalaayaavalii kelikaaraM

laavaNyasyaikasaaraM sukRaitijanadRaishaaM puurNa puNyaavataaram .

lakshmii nishshanka liilaa nilayanamamRsitasyanda sandOhamantaH

si~nchat sa~nchintakaanaaM vapuranukalaye maarutaagaaranaatha…6

Meaning of the Sanskrit Words

• (हे) मारुतागारनाथ = O Lord of Guruvaayur

• (अहम्) अनुकलये = I meditate upon

• तत् ते वपुः = that body of yours

• प्रत्यग्रधाराधरललितकलायावलीकेलिकारम् = which ridicules (केलिकार) the fresh (प्रत्यग्र) rain-bearing (धारा-धर) clouds (धाराधर) and the bunch (आवली) of lovely (ललित) dark-colored kalaaya (कलाय) flowers, due to its superior dark-colored beauty

• लावण्यस्य एकसारम् = which is the ultimate (एक) essence (सार) of beauty (लावण्य)

• सुकृतिजनदृशां पूर्णपुण्यावतारम् = which is the full (पूर्ण) manifestation (अवतार) of the virtues (पुण्य) in front of the eyes (दृश्) of virtuous (सुकृति) people (जन)

• लक्ष्मीनिश्शङ्कलीलानिलयनम् = which is the location for Lakshmi to play without any worry

• सिञ्चत् = which is raining

• सञ्चिन्तकानाम् अन्तः = in the minds of those who are meditating

• अमृतस्यन्दसन्दोहम् = the combined flow of emerging nectar

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