Narayaneeyam – Dasakam 1 – Verse 4

Sanskrit Verse

निष्कम्पे नित्यपूर्णे निरवधिपरमानन्दपीयूषरूपे
निर्लीनानेकमुक्तावलिसुभगतमे निर्मलब्रह्मसिन्धौ
कल्लोलोल्लासतुल्यं खलु विमलतरं सत्त्वमाहुस्तदात्मा
कस्मान्नो निष्कलस्त्वं सकल इति वचस्त्वत्कलास्वेव भूमन्

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Meaning in Tamil

Meaning in English

Brahman is akin to the mighty ocean, changeless, ever full with the nature of unlimited nectarine bliss. Like many pearls in the ocean, innumerable liberated souls are absorbed in this Brahmic bliss and hence it is extremely resplendent. Just like the waves rise in the ocean, it is said that Shuddha Satwa form has risen from the Brahman. You, here in Guruvayur is that Satwa form. Hence it is appropriate to call Lord Guruvayurappan as Poorna Avataar (Nishkalaa) even though some may argue that if You have a form then you are Ansha Avataar (Sakalaa).

English Transliteration

NiShkampe nityapuurNe niravadhiparamaanandapiiyuuSharuupe

nirliinaanekamuktaavalisubhagatame nirmalabrahmasindhau .

kallOlOllaasatulyaM khalu vimalataraM sattvamaahustadaatmaa

kasmaannOniShkalastvaM sakala iti vachastvatkalaasveva bhuuman..4

Meaning of the Sanskrit Words

निष्कम्पे – (in the) vibrationless (changeless)/motionless

नित्यपूर्णे – नित्य पूर्ण – (and in the) ever full

निरवधिपरमानन्दपीयूषरूपे – निरवधि परमानन्द पीयूष रूपे – unlimited, bliss, nectarine, personified (form)

निर्लीन-अनेक-मुक्तावलि-सुभगतमे -liberated/unaffected, several, pearl necklace/ string of pearls, prosperity/loveliness

(in which) many liberated ones having merged and hence is extremely resplendent (or resplendent because of many pearls in the ocean)

निर्मल-ब्रह्म-सिन्धौ – in the pure ocean of Brahman

कल्लोल-उल्लास-तुल्यं- waves, happiness/joy, like (like waves rising)

खलु विमलतरं सत्त्वम्-आहु: – so then, pure (state of being stainless), satwam, invoke

[(so) indeed (Thy form) of extremely pure Shuddha Satwa it is said (to have risen from Brahman)]

तत्-आत्मा – that form of Thine

कस्मात्-न निष्कल: – त्वं – why not it be called Nishkala (undivided /seedless/without any parts (or without any kalaa or Purn-avataara

सकल इति वच: – total, this, word/term

त्वत्-कलासु-एव – you, time defined, only

[(is for Thy (other) part incarnations only)]

भूमन् – abundance (oh infinite one)

The day after vaccination

The dark days of COVID-19 combined with the cold winter could force anyone to be tugged under the comforter and lie down on the bed even when awake particularly on a Sunday. Well, I have a different story to tell.

Sunday 24th January 2021 – It was the day after I got “moderna-ized”. Wondering about the new English word coined here ! Yes, the previous day I got the first doze of the much anticipated COVID vaccine from Moderna, making me feel that sometimes getting old is helpful (Got the appointment because I was more than 65 years old – physically).

As typical of an old timer, I got up at 0600 hrs on a cold and frigid Sunday morning with temperature smoothly gliding down to 12 deg F (Remember that I am guy who spent all his life at around 32 deg C. !). I had a choice to make – a choice about how I feel.

In my life, whenever I had to make choices, I had the luck of having someone close to me to lean my shoulders on and pause before making the choice. This Sunday is no exception. As my “close someone” unfolded himself to me, I made my choice.


I did. Here is what I looked at from my windows.

Narayaneeyam – Dasakam 1 – Verse 3

Sanskrit Verse

सत्त्वं यत्तत् पराभ्यामपरिकलनतो निर्मलं तेन तावत्
भूतैर्भूतेन्द्रियैस्ते वपुरिति बहुश: श्रूयते व्यासवाक्यम्।
तत् स्वच्छ्त्वाद्यदाच्छादितपरसुखचिद्गर्भनिर्भासरूपं
तस्मिन् धन्या रमन्ते श्रुतिमतिमधुरे सुग्रहे विग्रहे ते

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(Courtesy Shri. Sankararama Sharma – Ref

Meaning in Tamil

Meaning in English

Sage Vyaasa have stated again and again in many scriptures that You are born from the form of Satva Guna. That Satva Guna, which compared to the other two Gunas (Rajas and Tamas) is absolutely pure and not tainted by them. That form is constituted of subtle elements and organs of senses and actions. Your form, because of such purity, totally reveals the Supreme Bliss and Consciousness within (which is the resplendent Brahman) without any obstruction. In that form, the fortunate ones (who have good deeds to their credit) revel. That form is delightful to the mind and ears, which the devotees can easily grasp in Your image.

English Transliteration

sattvaM yattat paraabhyaamaparikalanatO nirmalaM tena taavat

bhuutairbhuutendriyaiste vapuriti bahushaH shruuyate vyaasavaakyam .

tat svachChatvaadyadachChaadita parasukhachidgarbhanirbhaasaruupaM

tasmin dhanyaa ramante shrutimatimadhure sugrahe vigrahe te .. 3

Meaning of the Sanskrit Words

सत्त्वं यत्- तत् – that pure Satwa guna which पराभ्याम् – compared with the other two (Rajas and Tamas) अपरिकलनत: being not mixed (and so)निर्मलंabsolutely pureतेन तावत् भूतै: -from it (shuddha satva) was bornभूतेन्द्रियै: – ते वपु: -Thy form constituted of the subtle elements and organs of sense and actionइति बहुश: श्रूयते thus is repeatedly heardव्यासवाक्यंfrom the words of (sage) Vyasaतत् स्वच्छ्त्वात्-that (form) because of its purityयत्-आच्छादित-परसुखचित्-गर्भ-निर्भासरूपंwhich, because of unobstructed supreme bliss and consciousness within, is supremely resplendent (Brahman)तस्मिन् धन्या रमन्तेin that form the fortunate ones (who have good deeds to their credit) revelश्रुति-मति-मधुरे which is delightful to the ears and the mindसुग्रहे विग्रहे ते(devotees can) easily attain (grasp) in Thy image.

Narayaneeyam – Dasakam 1 – Verse 2

Sanskrit Verse

एवंदुर्लभ्यवस्तुन्यपि सुलभतया हस्तलब्धे यदन्यत्
तन्वा वाचा धिया वा भजति बत जन: क्षुद्रतैव स्फुटेयम्
एते तावद्वयं तु स्थिरतरमनसा विश्वपीड़ापहत्यै
निश्शेषात्मानमेनं गुरुपवनपुराधीशमेवाश्रयाम:

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(Courtesy Shri. Sankararama Sharma – Ref

Meaning in Tamil

Meaning in English

In this manner, such rare things are so easily accessible to all. Alas, people, pursue other worldly things with their body speech and mind. This, is pitiable indeed. However, we Thy devotees, surrender , to Thee, O Lord of Guruvaayur who is the embodiment of the entire soul of all beings of the universe, with fully resolved minds for the eradication of all worldly sufferings.

English Transliteration

evaM durlabhyavastunyapi sulabhatayaa hastalabdhe yadanyat

tanvaa vaachaa dhiyaa vaa bhajati bata janaH kshudrataiva sphuTeyam .

ete taavadvayaM tu sthirataramanasaa vishvapiiDaapahatyai

nishsheShaatmaanamenaM gurupavanapuraadhiishamevaashrayaamaH .. 2

Meaning of the Sanskrit Words

एवं – thus. दुर्लभ्य-वस्तुनि अपिvery – rare things too (are). सुलभतया – so easily. हस्त-लब्धे – is accessible (to all) यत्-अन्यत्yet – other things (worldly pleasures). तन्वा वाचा धिया वा – (with their) body speech and mind. भजति बत जन: – alas people pursue क्षुद्रता-एव स्फुट-इयं -/this is clearly pitiable एते तावत्-वयं तु – but we here (Thy devotees) however स्थिर-तर-मनसा – with mind fully resolved विश्व-पीड़ा-अपहत्यै – for the total eradication of all (our) sufferings. निश्शेष-आत्मानम्-एनं – Lord, who is the soul of all beings in the universe. गुरुपवनपुराधीशम् – to that Lord of Guruvaayur. एव-आश्रयाम:- alone we surrender

Narayaneeyam – Dasakam 1 – Verse 1

Sanskrit Verse

सान्द्रानन्दावबोधात्मकमनुपमितं कालदेशावधिभ्यां
निर्मुक्तं नित्यमुक्तं निगमशतसहस्रेण निर्भास्यमानम्
अस्पष्टं दृष्टमात्रे पुनरुरुपुरुषार्थात्मकं ब्रह्म तत्वं
तत्तावद्भाति साक्षाद् गुरुपवनपुरे हन्त भाग्यं जनानाम्

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(Courtesy Shri. Sankararama Sharma – Ref

Meaning in Tamil

Meaning in English

The Supreme Reality-The Brahma Tatwa ,which is dense concentrated Bliss, which is of the nature of the Pure Consciousness, which is without parallel or comparison, and is totally free of time and space limitations, and is always free (of Maya) which hundreds and thousands of the Upanishadic statements seek to explain, and yet, is not clear. This Brahma Tatwa which is not easy to grasp in the beginning, but the realisation of which, is the highest purusharth (i.e. liberation), that (very Reality) shines right in front (in concrete form), (as an Image of Shri Krishna) in the Guruvaayur temple. Oh (wonderful indeed) is the good fortune of the people (who seek Thy Grace).

English Transliteration

SaandraanandaavabOdhaatmakamanupamitaM kaaladeshaavadhibhyaaM

nirmuktaM nityamuktaM nigamashatasahasreNa nirbhaasyamaanam .

aspaShTaM dR^iShTamaatre punarurupuruShaarthaatmakaM brahma tatvaM

tattaavadbhaati saakshaadgurupavanapure hanta bhaagyaM janaanaam .. १

Meaning of the Sanskrit Words

Please refer

सान्द्र-आनन्द-अवबोधात्मकं Which is of the nature of intense Bliss and Supreme Consciousness अनुपमितं without comparison काल-देश-अवधिभ्यां निर्मुक्तं totally free from the limitations of time and space नित्यमुक्तंever free (from the control of Maya-the unmanifest Prakriti) निगम-शतसहस्रेण (whose nature) innumerable scriptural texts निर्भास्यमानंtry to reveal अस्पष्टं (and yet) is not easy to grasp (in the beginning) दृष्टमात्रे पुन:but then immediately on realisation उरु-पुरुषार्थात्मकं becomes the highest purushartha (i.e. moksha, liberation) ब्रह्म तत्वं Brahman, the Reality तत् तावत् that very (Reality), then भाति साक्षात् गुरुपवनपुरे shines right in front (in concrete form) at Guruvayur हन्त भाग्यं जनानाम् Oh! What good fortune for the people

* நான் வாழ் இலக்கு என்பது அறம், பொருள், அவா, முக்தி எனும நான்கு இலக்குகளைக் குறிக்கும். It basically refers to the four objectives of life in his /her ascent to self realization. It is called “Purushaarthaa” .


Deep down inside me, there has always been a desire to study Narayaneeyam. Along with this desire, comes the fear of the unknown – 1000 plus verses in Sanskrit, my poor/no knowledge of Sanskrit and my abysmal and amateurish level of spirituality. So I keep dithering and didn’t do anything towards this during the pandemic year.

My experiments with my blogs in 2020 has now given me the courage to venture. I am browsing the topic and collecting reference materials. I have joined classes at Vyoma’s and have words of encouragement from my teacher/Guru Sri. Sankararama Sharma. I am listening to the discourses by learned scholars.

We have a saying in Tamil “தை பிறந்தால் வழி பிறக்கும்” ( we will find a way when we enter the Tamil month of Thai – when the Sun starts its northern journey).

So here I am diving into the ocean of bliss without knowing swimming, having confidence that the Lord will help me and show the way in my long and deep journey.

While the verse by verse work will commence beginning this Friday, the full first Dasakam in AV format will be posted on Mahara Sankaranthi day in my YouTube channel “prabhu53”. The work on the rest of the 99 Dasakams will be later on as per the dictations of Lord Guruvayurappan.

Please feel free to let me know the errors (hopefully not blunders) that I may have committed.

Welcome 2021

Happy New Year

Resilience is the process of adapting oneself in the face of adversity. Our lives in 2020 is an example. As we step into the New Year 2021, nothing better than to remind ourselves of our continued commitment to this process. The first to help us in this process is none other than Aditya. Therefore I commence my blogging this year in 2021 with a rededication of my earlier prayer to Aditya in an AV format.

Aditya Hrudayam – ஆதவன் இதயம் – தமிழாக்கம்