Narayaneeyam – Dasakam 1 – Verse 7

Sanskrit Verse

कष्टा ते सृष्टिचेष्टा बहुतरभवखेदावहा जीवभाजा
मित्येवं पूर्वमालोचितमजित मया नैवमद्याभिजाने।
नोचेज्जीवा: कथं वा मधुरतरमिदं त्वद्वपुश्चिद्रसार्द्रं
नेत्रै: श्रोत्रैश्च पीत्वा परमरससुधाम्भोधिपूरे रमेरन्॥७॥

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Please listen to the chanting by Sri. Sankararama Sharma –

Meaning in Tamil

Dasakam 1 – Verse 7

Meaning in English

O Invincible Lord! Thy activity of creation is indeed a tragic sport, as it causes a lot of sufferings to the living beings. This is what I used to think, but now I do not think so. For if there were no creation, how could human beings enjoy the beauty and sweetness of Thy form which is so delightful to hear and ecstatic to behold, and thus revel in the ocean of Supreme-Bliss-Consciousness.

English Transliteration

kaShTaa te sR^iShTicheShTaa bahutarabhavakhedaavahaa jiivabhaajaa-

mityevaM puurvamaalOchitamajita mayaa naivamadyaabhijaane .

nOchejjiivaaH kathaM vaa madhurataramidaM tvadvapushchidrasaardraM

netraiH shrOtraishcha piitvaa paramarasasudhaambhOdhipuure rameran .. 7

Meaning of the Sanskrit Words

• पूर्वम् = Earlier

• मया आलोचितम् = it was thought by me that

• ते सृष्टिचेष्टा = your activity of creation is

• कष्टा = one that is tormenting

• बहुतरभवखेदावहा = and one that brings forth many sorrows

• जीवभाजाम् = for all the living beings

• अजित = O, Invincible one

• अद्य एवं न अभिजाने = Now I do not think so.

• नो चेत् = If not

• कथं वा = how will

• जीवाः = the humans

• नेत्रैः श्रोत्रैः च पीत्वा = having drunk with eyes and ears (seen and heard)

• इदं त्वद्वपुः = this form of yours

• मधुरतरम् = that is extremely delightful

• चिद्रसार्द्रम् = and that is soaked (आर्द्र) in consciousness (चित्) and bliss (रस)

• रमेरन् = revel

• परमरससुधाम्भोधिपूरे = in the fullness (पूर) of the ocean (आम्भोधि) of absolute (परम) nectarian (सुधा) bliss (रस)

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