Narayaneeyam – Dasakam 1 – Verse 9

Sanskrit Verse

कारुण्यात्काममन्यं ददति खलु परे स्वात्मदस्त्वं विशेषा
दैश्वर्यादीशतेऽन्ये जगति परजने स्वात्मनोऽपीश्वरस्त्वम्।
त्वय्युच्चैरारमन्ति प्रतिपदमधुरे चेतना: स्फीतभाग्या
स्त्वं चात्माराम एवेत्यतुलगुणगणाधार शौरे नमस्ते॥९॥

Audio Link – chanting by Sri. Sankararama Sharma

Meaning in Tamil

Dasakam 1 – Verse 9

Meaning in English

O Lord Shri Krishna! while other gods out of compassion, fulfill the desires of their devotees, Thou out of Thy unique compassion, offer Thyself (liberation) to Thy devotees. While other gods rule over the world with the powers invested in them, Thou are the very inner controller of all and rule over all beings and other gods as well as Thyself. Hence all fortunate jeevas [souls] take immense delight in the bliss that Thou are. As for Thee, Thou are ever satisfied in Thyself and are the abode of incomparable attributes. O Lord! prostrations to Thee.

English Transliteration

kaaruNyaatkaamamanyaM dadati khalu pare svaatmadastvaM visheShaa-

daishvaryaadiishate(a)nye jagati parajane svaatmanO(a)piishvarastvam .

tvaiyyuchchairaaramanti pratipadamadhure chetanaaH sphiitabhaagyaa-

stvaM chaatmaaraama evetyatulaguNagaNaadhaara shaure namaste .. 9

Meaning of the Sanskrit Words

कारुण्यात्काममन्यं = कारुण्यात्-कामम्-अन्यं = compassion, desired objects, other

ददति – given

खलु – indeed

परे – other (other gods)

स्वात्मदस्त्वं = स्वात्मन् + असि + त्वं = swatman, asi, tvam = own self, give, your [You give your own self (i.e., give liberation)]

विशेषाद्- special
ऐश्वर्यादीशतेऽन्ये = ऐश्वर्यात् + ईस्ते + अन्ये = aishwaryath, ISTe, anye = by the power, rule, other (others rule by the power )

जगति – in the world

परजने – other people

स्वात्मनोऽपीश्वरस्त्वम्। = स्व-आत्मन: + अपि-ईश्वर: + त्वं = own self , even, lord, yourself
त्वय्युच्चैरारमन्ति= त्वयि-उच्चै:+ आरमन्ति = in you, higher (deeply), revel,

प्रतिपदमधुरे = प्रतिपद + मधुरे = every step, sweet

चेतना: – souls

स्फीतभाग्या = स्फीत + भाग्य = exceedingly, fortunate
स्त्वं चात्माराम एवेत्यतुलगुणगणाधार = त्वं + च + आत्माराम: + एव + इति + अतुल + गुण + गण+ आधार = you, also, reveling in ones own self + the one+ thus + immense + qualities + abode

शौरे – oh Sauri

नमस्ते – ते नमः. – to you, salutations

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