Narayaneeyam – Dasakam 2 – Slokam 4

Happy Deepavali.

We attribute success, wealth and prosperity to the presence of Goddess Lakshmi in our homes. She represents riches that every individual wishes to attain in his/her materialistic life. She is the epitome of opulence and her existence helps us achieve glorious heights. However, it isn’t easy to retain her. It is often said that Goddess Lakshmi does not stay in a family beyond three generations (max). Bhattathri quotes this characteristics of Goddess Lakshmi as a pun in this and the next Sloka to drive home the point that as a consort Goddess Lakshmi is more focussed on Lord Vishnu whose avatar is Lord Krishna of Guruvayur.

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Sanskrit Verse

तत्तादृङ्मधुरात्मकं तव वपुः सम्प्राप्य सम्पन्मयी

सा देवी परमोत्सुका चिरतरं नास्ते स्वभक्तेष्वपि

तेनास्या बत कष्टमच्युत विभो त्वद्रूपमानोज्ञक

प्रेमस्थैर्यमयादचापलबलाच्चापल्यवार्तोदभूत् ॥४॥

English Transliteration

tattaadR^i~N madhuraatmakaM tava vapuH sampraapya sampanmayii

saa devii paramOtsukaa chirataraM naaste svabhakteShvapi |

tenaasyaa bata kaShTamachyuta vibhO tvadruupamaanOj~nakapremasthairyamayaadachaapala

balaat chaapalya vaartOdabhuut.

Tamil Transliteration

தத்தாத்₃ருங்மது₄ராத்மகம் தவ வபு: ஸம்ப்ராப்ய ஸம்பந்மயீ

ஸா தே₃வீ பரமோத்ஸுகா சிரதரம் நாஸ்தே ஸ்வப₄க்தேஷ்வபி |

தேநாஸ்யா ப₃த கஷ்டமச்யுத விபோ₄ த்வத்₃ரூபமாநோஜ்ஞக –

ப்ரேமஸ்தை₂ர்யமயாத₃சாபலப₃லாச்சாபல்யவார்தோத₃பூ₄த் || 4||

Meaning in Tamil

ஈடிலா எழில்மிகு உன்னுடன் இணைந்து ,

அளவிலாப்பற்று உன்மீது அடைந்ததனால் திருமகள்,

இச்சை களைந்தனளே அடியார் இல்லம்தனில் நிலைத்திட !

அழிவிலா உன் வடிவினில், நிலையான, திடமான

ஆழ் பற்றுடை அச்செயலால், நிலையற்றோள் எனும் பெயர்

அடைந்தனளே அடியாரிடம் அன்னையவள்

அவமன்றோ அப்பெயர் அவளுக்கு

அடுக்கிடுமோ இது திருமகள்கொழுநனே ! 2.4

Meaning in English

After getting and reaching your wonderful and greatly joyous form, that goddess who controls wealth, has become more attached to you. And because of this even after reaching the homes of her great devotees, She does not prefer to stay there. Oh Lord, Oh changeless one, due to the deep, strong and stable love towards your very pretty form, She has got a very bad name as the unstable one. Is it not uncharitable? 2.4

Meaning of the Sanskrit Words

तत्तादृङ्मधुरात्मकम् – तत्-तादृक्-मधुर-आत्मकम् = (of) that such incomparable beauty
तव वपुः – Your form /figure
सम्प्राप्य – having arrived (married)
सम्पन्मयी – endowed with (prosperity and auspiciousness)
सा देवी – that Devi (Lakshmi)
परमोत्सुका – परम-उत्सुका = (who) became very much attached (to Thee)
चिरतरम् – for a very long time
न आस्ते – doesn’t dwell/stay
स्वभक्तेषु अपि – स्व भक्तेषु अपि – her own, devotees, even (even with her own devotees)
तेन अस्याः – so/because,
बत कष्टम् – alas, difficult
अच्युत – imperishable
विभो – Lord
त्वद्रूपमानोज्ञकप्रेमस्थैर्यमयात् = त्वत्-रूप-मानोज्ञक-प्रेम-स्थैर्यमयात् = Your, form, beauty, love, unwavering/ stable = because of the unwavering love for the enchanting beauty of Your form
अचापलबलात् = अचापल-बलात् = firm/unwavering, power
because of the power of (her) firm (love for Thee)
चापल्यवार्ता = चापल्य-वार्ता = as fickle (goddess), News/the reputation
उदभूत् – has risen

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  1. I chanced upon your musings / ponder while looking for Vallalar’s works and so glad I strayed into this glorious journey of your’s. I have similar tastes in music (hundustani) and spirituality with similar questions constantly keeping my mind engaged..lot of answers I find in your musings and the learning continues !! Please continue sharing..Ram ram..

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