Narayaneeyam – Dasakam 4 – Sloka 9

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The culmination of eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga (Rajah Yoga) after passing through the other seven (the Yamas, Niyamas, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara and Dharana, Dhyana) is Samadhi.

Samadhi is attained through Samyama as discussed in previous posts, which is the combination of the last three limbs of Ashtanga Yoga ( Dharana, Dhyana , Samadhi). Samadhi is total absorption on the object being contemplated on using Dharana to keep the mind unwavering on the one object until the movement of the mind stops.

The eventual and ultimate form of Samadhi, is where there is no object to be contemplated on, and the movement of the mind (known in Sanskrit is vritti) stops.Through the previous eight Shlokas, Bhattathri outlined the steps of attaining Nirvikalpa samadhi, a meditative state of total absorption and bliss, through Ashtanga Yoga techniques.

This Samadhi is the eighth and final step on the path of ashtanga yoga.The state of nirvikalpa samadhi can only be attained by advanced practitioners, who have progressed through previous stages such as dharana (concentration) and dhyana(meditation).

In this and in the subsequent Slokas, Bhattathri now talks about two types of liberation (Mukti).

1. sadyomukti - sadyaH means immediate, at once, at the very moment. The moment referred to here is the instant of full, right knowledge of Brahman-Atman.
2. krama mukti --- meaning gradual mukti or mukti in stages; progressive effort towards liberation

Let us try to understand these Slokas in this and subsequent blogs.

Sanskrit Verse

त्वत्समाधिविजये तु य: पुनर्मङ्क्षु मोक्षरसिक: क्रमेण वा ।

योगवश्यमनिलं षडाश्रयैरुन्नयत्यज सुषुम्नया शनै: ॥९॥

English Transliteration

tvatsamaadhivijaye tu yaH punarma~Nkshu mOksharasikaH krameNa vaa |

yOgavashyamanilaM ShaDaashrayairunnayatyaja suShumnayaa shanaiH || 9

Tamil Transliteration

த்வத்ஸமாதி₄விஜயே து ய: புநர்மங்க்ஷு மோக்ஷரஸிக: க்ரமேண வா |

யோக₃வஶ்யமநிலம் ஷடா₃ஶ்ரயைருந்நயத்யஜ ஸுஷும்நயா ஶநை: || 9||

Meaning in Tamil

அட்டயோக சமாதி நிலையடை பக்தர், பின்

விழைவர் முக்திக்கு உடனேயோ கிரமமெனவோ!

அவ்விழைப்படி சுசுமண நாடியுள் அறுவகை நிலைமூலம்

உயர்த்திவிடுவர் தம் பிராணமதை பிறப்பிலா பெருமானே! 4.9

Meaning in English

O Birthless Lord! After one achieves Thee in Samaadhi, he can opt for immediate liberation or gradual liberation. Accordingly through the power of yoga he raises up his vital breath through the six centres along the Sushumnaa Naadi

Meaning of the Sanskrit Words

त्वत्-समाधि-विजये - on attaining Samaadhi in Thee

तु य: पुन: - indeed, he again

मङ्क्षु मोक्ष-रसिक: - (whether) desires immediate liberation

क्रमेण वा - or gradual (liberation) (he)

योगवश्यम् - by power of yoga

अनिलं - (controls) breath (vital energy)

षड्-आश्रयै: - through the six centres

उन्नयति - raises up (vital energy)

अज O Birthless One! -

सुषुम्नया - along with the Sushumnaa Naadi

शनै: - slowly

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