Sankara’s Smithy – Bhaja Govindam – Book

We live in an era of materialism (we call it Kali Yuga). Day in and day out we engage in actions through our bodies, outward looking sense and action organs and minds (“kaayena vaachaa manasa”), transact with people and objects, earn money, fame and do actions that give us what we call as happiness. As we start ageing, we start wondering as to what is that we have been doing so far and where are we heading; as age catches up and the body starts withering, this thinking turns into worries and finally we perish after worrying about men, materials and matter which have only “shelf life” and nothing else.

We wander about ignorantly trying to experience the world without trying to experience the "Experiencer". We learn with the help of instruments of knowledge without inquiring as to what instruments of knowledge are required to know about ourselves, the Experiencer. We, the embodiment of absolute happiness, run behind sorrows & sufferings, thinking that there is happiness in them.

In this journey called life, did we at any point of time have the time to ponder and compare our journey with our ultimate goal of pure and permanent happiness? Why is that our journey and our goal were not in sync? As we,” the souls that wander in utter dismay in the dense woods of mental ignorance”, we need practical “dos and don’ts” that will enable us to live in the present without guilt about an unchangeable past and anxiety about an unknowable future. Where do we get these answers?

Don’t worry. Let us visit a heritage and a traditional Smithy owned by Adi Sankaracharya and his fourteen disciples since the fifth century. Answers for all our questions are all hidden here. Thirty-one of them in total in the form of 31 hammer blows. We need to receive these hammer strikes to get the answers. There is a guarantee that comes along with these hammer blows. The hammer blows are nothing but knowledge-based action strategies laced effectively with devotion to the Ultimate Reality and are in the form of simple Slokas (Verses) called Bhaja Govindam or Moha Mudgara.

If we absorb these Slokas internally and contemplate, our transformation and subsequent happiness is ensured; just like the hot solid iron is worked into a wonderful product.

Welcome to Sankara’s Smithy.
Sankara’s Smithy is now available in India and abroad as a book in English, with Sanskrit Verses, transliterations, translations and explanations by expert as understood by me.

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Entire proceeds from the sale of this book will go gor charity. There are no commercial interests.