Narayaneeyam- Dasakam 4 – Sloka 11


“There are in the Upanishads, intimations of Krama-Mukti or the progressive process of the liberation of the soul. 

The Upanishads are emphatic in their statements that one who reaches through unselfish meditation and knowledge this Supreme Cause does not return to the mortal coil, but proceeds further to the Absolute Reality.

The Mundaka Upanishad says that the sages in the world of Brahma are liberated beyond death in the end of time. Those who attain the world of the Karya-Brahman remain there until the end of the universe, enjoying the effects of their "Satyakamas" and "Satyasankalpas", the fruits of their desires and willings based on Truth. Whatever they wish arises then and there instantaneously, for they are in harmony with the Universal Being. They enjoy the highest approximation to the bliss of the Lord of the universe”.

This is what Bhattathri is highlighting in this Sloka 11.

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Sanskrit Verse

अग्निवासरवलर्क्षपक्षगैरुत्तरायणजुषा च दैवतै: ।

प्रापितो रविपदं भवत्परो मोदवान् ध्रुवपदान्तमीयते ॥११॥

English Transliteration

agnivaasaravalarkshapakshagair uttaraayaNajuShaa cha daivataiH |

praapitO ravipadaM bhavatparO mOdavaan dhruvapadaantamiiyate || 11

Tamil Transliteration

அக்₃நிவாஸரவலர்க்ஷபக்ஷகை₃ருத்தராயணஜுஷா ச தை₃வதை: |
ப்ராபிதோ ரவிபத₃ம் ப₄வத்பரோ மோத₃வாந் த்₄ருவபதா₃ந்தமீயதே ||

Meaning in Tamil

பகல் நேரமதில், வளர்பிறையில், அழல் உதவியுடன்,

பகலவனின் வடதிசைப் பயணத்தில், தேவதைகள் வழிகாட்ட

சுழுமுனையில் பிராணம் விடுத்து, அடைவர் ஆதவனுலகம்!

அங்கு, ஆனந்த போகம் அனுபவித்துப்பின் அடைவர்

துருவமண்டலம், கிரமமுக்திவிழை உன் பக்தர்கள் பரமனே, !!

Meaning in English

O Lord! Thy devotee who follows the Krama Mukti path is led by the presiding deities of fire, day time, the bright fortnight, and Uttaraayana to the plane of the sun and enjoying in each of these spheres reaches the realm of Dhruva

Meaning of the Sanskrit Words

अग्नि-वासर-वलर्क्ष-पक्षगै: - Agni (fire), Vaasara (daytime), Valaraksh paksha (the bright fortnight-Shukla Paksha)

उत्तरायणजुषा - and the Uttaraayanaa

दैवतै: presided over by the respective deities

प्रापितो रविपदं - (then) being led to the plane of the Sun

भवत्-पर: - he who is devoted to Thee

मोदवान् - while enjoying (the facilities of the various higher realms)

ध्रुवपदान्तम् ईयते - is next led to the sphere of Dhruvaloka

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