The Dance of the Yuga – Conclusion – Prayer – Carnatic Musing 9

I consider myself as extremely fortunate to make an attempt to understand the Dance of the Yuga from a three dimensional (Literary, Music and Dance) perspective. My learning has been immense. There is only one to thank – The Lord Himself. What better way to conclude these set of blogs than with a composition by Lalitha Dasar made universally popular by the legendary Carnatic Musician Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagawathar and later on by Dr KJ Yesudass.

Audio Link – Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagawathar

Audio Link – KJ Yesudass

Meaning in English

I surrender to the holy lord of the town created by Lord Guru and Lord Pavan (Guruvayur). The Lord is Sri. Krishna, who is dark like the rain bearing cloud and lives in the cattle rearing village (Gokulam). He is worshipped by Narada and Shiva and is the is protector of the three worlds. He is worshipped by Brahma and Indra ,shines greatly holding a flute and gives happiness to the damsels of his village. He cannot be defeated and is very magnanimous. He as pretty as hundred Gods of Love (Manmatha). He is a never ending source of mercy and is like the Chakora bird to the moon like face of Radha. He is the divine brother of Parvathi.

Sanskrit Verses


पावनगुरु पवन पुराधिषमाश्रये


जीवनधर सङ्काशं कृष्णं

गोलोकेशं जीवनधर नारद गिरीशं



पूजितविधिपुरन्दरं राजितमुरलीधरं

व्रजललनाऽऽनन्दकरं अजितमुदारम् – कृष्ण

स्मरशतशुभकाकारं निरवधि करुणापूरं

राधावदनचकोरं ललितासोदरं परम्

English Transliteration


pAvanaguru pavana purAdhiShamAshrayE


jIvanadhara sankAsham krSNam gOlOkEsham bhAvita nArada girIsham tribhuvanAvanAvEsham….pavana


pUjitavidhi purandaram rAjita muraLIdharam vraja lalanAnandakaram ajitamudAram

smarashada shubhakAkaram niravadhi karuNApUram rAdhA vadana cakOram laLitA sOdaram param…pavana

Meaning of the Sanskrit Words


पावन – pure/holy

गुरु – Lord Guru

पवन – Lord Vayu

पुराधि – Town

षमाश्रये – surrender

Anu Pallavi

जीवनधर – life preserving or water bearing (cloud)

सङ्काशं – appearance

कृष्णं – Lord Krishna

गोलोकेशं – गो लोकेशं cow, leader of the world

भावित – worshipped

नारद – Saint NArada

गिरीशं – Who lives in the Mountains (Lord Shiva)

त्रिभुवन – three worlds            

अवन – preserver/protects

अवॆशम् – posses

पूजित – Worshipped

विधि – destiny (in this case Brahma who decides destiny)

पुरन्दरं – name of Indira

राजित – brilliant/illuminated

मुरलीधरं – flute playing

व्रज – group/band/flock

ललना – woman

अनन्दकरं – delighting

अजितं -unconquered

उदारम् – generous /bountiful/illustrious/lofty

स्मरशत- स्मर शत – cupid hundred

शुभाका कारं – शुभ , beauty, author/source

निरवधि – infinite/endless

करुणापूरं – compassion/mercy

राधा – Radha

वदन – face

चकोरं – Chakora ird

ललिता – Parvati

सोदरं – brother

परम् – divine/supreme

Meaning in Tamil


திருத்தலகுரு வாயூர் அப்பனை சரணமடைந்தேனே


கருமேக வண்ணன் கண்ணன் ஆயர்பாடி நாயகன்

கயிலை ஏகம்பனும் நாரதனும் வணங்கும்

மூவுலகு காத்தருளும்…… திருத்தல


பிரமனும் இந்திரனும் துதிக்கும் ஒளிநிறை குழலோனே

கோபியரின் மனமகிழ் வெல்லஇயலா தயாளனே- கண்ணா

காமன் நூறினும் மேல் எழில்கூட்டும் அழகன் அளவிலா கருணையன்

ராதையின் வதனம் எதிர்நோக்கும் நிலவருந்துபுள் பறவையவன்

உமையவளின் அருள்திரு சகோதரன் …….. திருத்தல

Melody in Moon

The full moon day of the Tamil month of Masi (Feb 13 to March 13th for the year 2020) in Magha Nakshtra ( associate star Rebulus) is considered auspicious. It is believed that during this period,divine beings descend to purify the karma of the human race. As Magha is ruled by ancestors, benefits from blessings of departed souls is expected on this day.It is an important festival celebrated by Tamils. The makam star in this month usually falls on the full moon day and is considered highly auspicious in many temples across South India, especially in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Kerala. For this year 2020 this was on 08th March.

Sitting thousands of miles away from my home in India, despite the winter, I could manage to get a clear view of the Moon. My 7 year old grandson was practising in his Key Board. I could definitely link the two and I couldn’t help naming my video as Melody in Moon.

Here is the YouTube link

Chandra Prabha (Moon Light)

In modern times, very often due to our lifestyles we tend to ignore the beauty and melancholy provided by Nature round the clock, particularly the ones provided in the night. The Moon (Chandra) is a classic example. I am no exception to this worldly behavior; but since hanging up my boots, I do spend some time to admire the manifestations.

The ambience is so enchanting when it is combined with melodious music. The effect is force multiplied if the tune/dhwani/raga is the appropriate one. Here is Maduvanti (Honey like) Raga played by the legendary flautist Sri. Hari Prasad Chaurasia and the moon accepting my request to get captured in my iPhone. No wonder it was love at first sight (கண்ட நாள் முதலாய் காதல்)