Ganesh Chathurthi Special 4 – Agajaanana Padmarkam

Gauri Ganesh

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Sanskrit Verse

अगजानन पद्मार्कं गजाननं अहर्निशम्

अनेकदंतं भक्तानां एकदन्तं उपास्महे

English Transliteration

Agaja-[A]anana Padma-Arkam Gaja-[A]ananam Aharnisham |

Aneka-Dam-Tam Bhaktaanaam Eka-Dantam Upaasmahe ||

Meaning of the Sanskrit Words

अगजानन (Agajaanana): The Face of Gauri [Devi Parvati]

अगजा (Agajaa) = Devi Parvati, the daughter of Himalaya

आनन (Aanana) = Face

पद्मार्कं (Padmaarkam): The Rays from the Lotus [Face of Gauri]

पद्म (Padma) = Lotus

अर्क (Arka) = Belonging or Relating to Sun

गजाननं (Gajaananam): Having the Face of an Elephant

गज (Gaja) = Elephant

आनन (Aanana) = Face

अहर्निशम् (Aharnisham): Day and Night, Continually

अनेकदंतं (Anekadamtam): Granting Many [Wishes of] His [Devotees]

अनेक (Aneka) = Many

द (Da) = Giving, Granting

तम् (Tam) = His

भक्तानां (Bhaktaanaam): Devotees

भक्त (Bhakta) = Devotee

एकदन्तं (Ekadantam): Having a Single Tusk

एक (Eka) = One

दन्त (Danta) = Tusk

उपास्महे (Upaasmahe): Worship

उपास् (Upaas) = Worship

Meaning in English

1: As the Rays from the Lotus-Face of Gauri (Devi Parvati) is Always on Her Beloved Son Gajanana ( Who is having the Face of an Elephant ),

2: Similarly, the Grace of Sri Ganesha is Always on His Devotees; Granting their Many Prayers; the Devotees who with deep devotion Worship the Ekadanta ( Who is having a Single Tusk ).

Meaning in Tamil

ஆம்பல் முக அன்னை உமையின் கண்ணொளி

ஆனைமுகத்தோனை பகலிரவு பேணிக்காண்கும்அதொப்ப

ஆகனின் அடியாரக்கு வரம்பல அருளும் ஒற்றைக்கொம்பனை

ஆர்வமுடன் அனுதினமும் அடிபணிவேனே

Serenity in the “woods”

There is a saying that “the grass is always greener on the other side”. Very often we do not appreciate the inner beauty that we hold and look for greener pastures elsewhere.

Living in this wonderful community, I was searching for the greener side within the “woods” during my regular morning and evening walks. I got them in plenty and didn’t loose the opportunity and “snapped” them with my iPhone.

Here is “Serenity in the woods”. Music is by my 7 year old grandson