Battle Royal- Krishna Leela ?

An interesting imagination fully backed up by Aditya & Varuna and most definitely by my iPhone. 
Monday, 03 April evening. Time for yet another routine in my retired life - the evening walk for one hour (scheduled at 1730 Hrs). Mother Earth was perhaps yearning for some water after a long, bright and sunny day. Varuna sensing this started to respond. He gathered his allies….and then started this amazing battle royal with Aditya.
At 1749 Hrs, Varuna very nearly succeeded in vanquishing Aditya, with the later fighting to  free his arms (Rays) and managed to do some stretching. (See the photo below) 
The battle intensified for the next ten minutes with Aditya battling his way out
Aditya managed to extricate Himself from the clutches of Varuna and his allies briefly, before He was again well covered and surrounded.
 There was hardly any winner here. Mother Earth sensing that both her close friends are battling out for Her sake, decided to call it off and rotated herself and ensured that Aditya moves away from the scene by setting Himself to resume his work at another location of Mother Earth, ten minutes after the battle started.
Strangely the entire battle was enacted behind an Apartment named “Krishna Leela”. 

Author: prabhusponder

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6 thoughts on “Battle Royal- Krishna Leela ?”

  1. It appears that this battle royale continued later, this time, of course, between Varuna and Soma, wherein Varuna seemed to have won over, as experienced at Nrisimha Krupa. But alas, not only the resident there didn’t have the skillful knowledge of the sender of the above email to capture this, but also was deeply in ‘Tamas’ of ignorance to depict that battle royale!

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