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The Fairy “I” can’t fathom – She, the Big M

“It is an oft-quoted saying that philosophy begins in wonder. The mystery of the world with all its changes strikes the reflective temper. The Vedic philosophy grew out of a demand for the explanation of actual experience. Philosophy bade men seek beneath all change, which is the law of life, unity and persistency. All things… Continue reading The Fairy “I” can’t fathom – She, the Big M


Autumn Message 2 – My Autumn Resolve – a visual monologue by Sun

In an interview done through my iPhone in mid September 2020, the Sun gave an exclusive preview of what is in His mind. “I have been rising early all summer. I am tired of “Early to rise and late to bed”. It is now “late to rise and early to bed”. Times are changing and… Continue reading Autumn Message 2 – My Autumn Resolve – a visual monologue by Sun

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Aditya Hridayam Verses 28-31

in the concluding phase of Aditya Hridayam, the impact that the Sun had on a tired and weary Rama is brought out. While these verses might sound “unrealistic” to some of the present time “rational thinking” personnel, the fact that Sun has a refreshing effect on life and rejuvenates millions of living beings into action… Continue reading Aditya Hridayam Verses 28-31

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Aditya Hridayam Verses 16-21

Starting from the end of Verse 15, Sage Agasthya brings out the salutory tone (nama:) and continues until the 21st verse, showering the Lord Sun (sUryA) with more positive epithets (அடைமொழி) such as victory (jaya), happiness (Bhadra) etc Verse 16 नमः पूर्वाय गिरये पश्चिमायाद्रये नमः । ज्योतिर्गणानां पतये दिनाधिपतये नमः ॥१६॥ nama: pUrvAya girayE pashcimAyAdrayEnnama:… Continue reading Aditya Hridayam Verses 16-21

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Aditya Hridayam Verse 11-15

Verse 11 हरिदश्वस्सहस्रार्चिस्सप्तसप्तिर्मरीचिमान् ।तिमिरोन्मथनश्शम्भुस्त्वष्टा मार्ताण्ड अंशुमान् ॥११॥ Harid-Ashvas-Sahasra-Arcis-Sapta-Saptir-Mariicimaan |Timiro[a-U]nmathanash-Shambhus-Tvassttaa Maartaanndda Amshumaan ||11|| Meaning of Sanskrit Words harita = of green color ashva: = horse (haridashva: = He who has green horses) sahasra = thousand (also to mean 'large numbers') arci: = ray of the sun (sahasrArci: = having massive number of rays) sapta = seven… Continue reading Aditya Hridayam Verse 11-15

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Aditya Hridayam Verse 7-10

Verse 7 सर्वदेवात्मको ह्येषः तेजस्वी रश्मिभावनः । एष देवासुरगणान् लोकान् पाति गभस्तिभिः ॥७॥ sarvadevAtmakO hyESha tEjasvI rashmibhAvana: ESha devAsuragaNAn lokAn pAti gabhastibhi: Meaning of the Sanskrit words sarva deva Atmaka: = all the devAs' embodiment/real nature/form hi ESha: = indeed, this [sUryA] tEjasvI = bright, sharp rashmi bhAvana: = creator/cause of His rays ESha: =… Continue reading Aditya Hridayam Verse 7-10