Carnatic Musing 3 – Universal God – Sadasiva Brahmendra – Raga Madhuvanthi

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Sanskrit Verses of the Composition


सर्वं ब्रह्ममयं रे रे

चरणं १

किं वचनीयं किमवचनीयं

किं रसनीयं किमरसनीयम् ……सर्वं

चरणं २

किं पठनीयं किमपठनीयं

किं भजनीयं किमभजनीयम् …..सर्वं

चरणं ३

किं बोद्धव्यं किमबोद्धव्यं

किं भोक्तव्यं किमभोक्तव्यम् (सर्वं..)

चरणं ४

सर्वत्र सदा हंस ध्यानं

कर्तव्यं भो मुक्ति-निदानम् (सर्वं..)

English Transliteration


sarvam brahmamayam rE rE

CaraNam 1

kim vacanIyam kima vacanIyam

kim racanIyam kima racanIyam …..sarvam

caraNam 2

kim paThanIyam kima paThanIyam

kim bhajanIyam kima bhajanIyam …….sarvam

CaraNam 3

kim bOddhavyam kima bOddhavyam

kim bhOktavyam kima bhOktavyam …….sarvam

CaraNam 4

sarvatra sadA hamsa dhyAnam

kArtavyam bhO mukti nidAnam

Meaning of the Sanskrit words


सर्वं – everything/all

ब्रह् – The Absolute (God)

ममयं – belongs/consists


किं – what

वचनीयं – spoken

अवचनीयं – unspoken

रसनीयं – tasty/palatable

अरसनीयं – unpalatable

पठनीयं – fit to study/learn

अपठनीयं – unfit to study/learn

भजनीयं – to be revered/prayed

अभजनीयं – not to pray/sing

बोद्धव्यं – to be taught

अबोद्धव्यं – not to be taught

भोक्तव्यं – to be possessed/enjoyed

अभोक्तव्यं – not to be possessed/enjoyed

सर्वत्र – everywhere

सदा – continually

हंस – soul/spirit/god

ध्यानं – meditate

कर्तव्यं – duty

भो – that only

मुक्ति- salvation

निदानम् – primary cause

Meaning in Tamil


அனைத்தும் ஆண்டவன் அனைத்திலும் ஆண்டவன்

சரணம் 1

சொல்லும் சொல்லாத சொல்லும்

உகந்ததும் ஒப்பாததும்….அனைத்தும்

சரணம் 2

கற்பதும் கல்லாததும்

மதிப்பதும் மதியாததும்…….அனைத்தும்

சரணம் 3

கற்பிப்பதும் புகட்டாதனவும்

அனுபவிப்பதும் அடையாதனவும் ……அனைத்தும்

சரணம் 4

எங்கும் எப்பொழுதும் இறைதுதி பணி ஒன்றே

பேரின்பவீடு அடைய மூலகாரணமன்றோ ……அனைத்தும்

Carnatic Musings

In my “blogging journey” so far, the focus is on Spirituality and Travel. In this journey there is one vital companion of mine, about whom I did not write anything and I just took “him/her” for granted. I always assumed that this companion can’t be separated from me and will always be with me in my soul satisfying pursuit as an integral part of myself. But having gone through the spiritual hymns that defined “I” in my previous blogs, it is quite natural for me to detach this integral companion and look at him/her a bit closely.

The result of this detached look is this Category of my blog. CARNATIC MUSINGS.

In this Category the soul of several compositions in Sanskrit will be looked at and the meaning they provide will be absorbed and presented in Tamil. The Tamil meaning provided is by no means in a musically tunable form. It is just an expression of my limited vocabulary in Tamil. To begin with, the blogs will cover a song each from the Trinity of Carnatic Music. Subsequently, Readers/Viewers requests will be given priority. May I request your indulgence? You can send your request through mail or comment. The request should be about Carnatic Music Compositions.

Once again a word of CAUTION: “I” am not a specialist in Music; neither do “I” know to sing nor “I” know the “Sastra” of any music leave alone Carnatic Music. The only connection that “I” have is that undefinable relationship that a Cobra has when the Snake Charmer plays his tune in front of it with his “Magudi/Pungi” (Wind Instrument).

Note: For those who are brand new to Carnatic Music, I would recommend adequate “googling” like me. The blogs here will not able to be of any assistance. My apologies.

I intend to begin the blogs in this category from June onwards.